N'awlins at heart

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The hot wife.

Our weekend has been going well. Hurricane Ike hit the morning of W1's birthday so the plans were changed. She wanted to go see "Burn after reading" since it opened that weekend but that didn't happen. So yeaterday we went to the movies. It was pretty funny. A little gory and funny all wrapped up in one. All in all, not a bad flick.

This morning we decided it was time to wash the cars. We've been putting it off for a few weekends and finally decided it was overdue. So we headed out. After the wash we were parked near the street drying, windexing, vacuuming... You know the drill. While W1 was leaned over the hood drying a guy drives by in a car and honks at her. She just kept drying like nothing happened. So I commented "Damn girl you don't even notice it anymore. Must be nice." She responded with a "Whatever!" and commenced to explaining how he was probably honking at something else. I would have believed her if someone else didn't drive by and honk at her in the middle of her story. At that point she just responded "sorry". I had to laugh.

They've been playing all the good horror movies this weekend so in our down time we've been watching people get killed. ♪ I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetery... ♫

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I knew there was a problem because they were all on fire.

Sausage, people. Sausage. I was grilling a few weeks before the storm. (The 2nd one, not the 1st one.) W1 likes hot dogs and sausage (that's right, I said she likes hot dogs and sausage) burnt on the grill. So this particular time I decided to turn up the heat to char them a little extra. When I opened the grill, they were all on fire. Mmmmmm, tasty. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

Take White Elephant for instance. I learned from that mistake, and will never play that stupid game again. W1 and I were at a Christmas Party for a job she use to have by the Superdome. I didn't know any of these people, and I really didn't care for them once we met. Once the game started and my turn came around, I had to get up in front of a bunch of people I didn't know and open my gift. It was a car emergency kit. Complete with a flashlight, cigarette lighter powered air pump, and a few other handy tools. I thought "Not bad." But it was only mine for a few seconds. Then it was snatched, and I was forced to stand in front of all these people I didn't know, again, and open yet another gift. This time it was cheap cologne. (At least nobody was stealing that.)

So, to recap, one minute I'm rescuing damsels in distress on the side of the road, and the next minute I'm smelling like H2's bedroom on a Friday night. Screw that game!

Okay H2, I'm just picking with you. I do have to admit the colognes you wear are definitely not cheap. And I look forward to wearing them when you get here next weekend.

I ordered my chain and sprockets today and it says they have 2-4 day delivery so hopefully it will be processed quick and I can put them on next weekend. It's been a while since I rode the bike and that's "No es bueno".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Repeatedly educated.

Some may say I was "schooled".

Sunday, October 19, stardate, some time after noon. I made it to the barber shop. I walked in and I was the only customer waiting. Nice. Only one barber was there. She was busy working on a client. Five minutes into my wait my bubble was shattered. Another customer emerged from the restroom. Still only one barber. Damn! Oh well, it's all good. Eventually another barber came out from her lunch break. So I was only in there for about an hour.

After returning home W1 and I headed to our new favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. Which is apparently closed on Sundays. Damn! Oh well, Popeyes was delicious. Once we got back home I went to work. I learned that I do have the ability to tighten my chain on the bike. The wrench only slipped out of my hand once, hitting me in the forehead and leaving a nice big knot. Damn! Oh well, lesson learned. I also learned that tightening my chain did not help, and I need a new chain and sprockets. Damn! From what I can tell the front one needs replacement mostly. Oh well, life goes on.

Afterwards we headed to the grocery store. Got stuff to make delicious meatloaf dinner. It was fabulous. Then watched the latest Futurama movie. Pretty funny I might add. Definitely worth watching.

And now it is almost time for bed so we can start the work week / cycle all over again. Hopefully next week is better. And the bonus? The "Service Engine Soon" light came on in the truck yesterday. Damn! Oh well, Star Wars is on so it's all good.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Oh wait, today's not Friday."

Yes I know, it's been a while. I've said it all before. Here's the latest.

Work has been the same. I'm currently testing wireless routers. Not a bad gig I must say. Connect a bunch of laptops, do internet stuff. Watch youtube videos, play online games, download files. You know, internet stuff. I can't really complain. But I'll try.

Things were going well. I was multitasking. I was playing Bejeweled on one system and Tetris on another. My boss' boss was talking to my boss' equivalent and after 5 minutes I turned around and asked them to keep it down while I was working. The big boss left shortly after. That was when I realized he doesn't know what my job is. And he probably thinks I was screwing off, and I'm just a big Jerk Face. Well, either way it's still pretty funny. Whatever, I do what I want!

I wanted to challenge myself and I have never owned or used a Mac. I found out the other day (I don't remember if I read it online, or heard from someone, but that doesn't really matter) there is a way to run the Mac OS on a PC. So that is my next endevaor. Wish me luck.

As far as the title of this post, yes, that quote is my own. They called a meeting today for the "perms" about a re-org. From what I understand this in an annual "can a few people and replace them with contractors" technique. So on a good note, my job should be safe. And our department is kicking ass so I think the perms I work with are set. I just found it weird of them to hold this meeting on a Tuesday. Due to that, when I told the story to W1, I suddenly thought today was Friday. Wow, that just sucks. I'm already in weekend mode now. There's no turning back.

What is that I hear? I believe it's the Fender calling me. Looks like I've got a band meeting. Gotta jet.

Monday, October 06, 2008

We're soooooo screwed.

I have never been big into politics. The presidential election times are usually pretty boring to me. And I don't vote. For people wondering why the answer is simple. It's a lose - lose situation. Especially this year.

Looking at track records, Obama is not the right choice.

McCain is also the wrong choice.

So where does this leave us? Screwed either way? All i can really say is when election day comes, I'll be the one with my head buried deep in the sand with my butt sticking straight up waiting to be screwed.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The beard is gone.

I had decided not to shave until our power was back on. Little did I know I would have two weeks of no power to grow out a nice beard. I had to use clippers to trim it down before I could even try a razor. But once again my face is smooth as a baby's bottom. (Okay, that's stretching it but you know what I mean.)

Last week was a typical work week. We both went in for our 9-6, forty hours. W1 has a new employee coming in the week after next. A replacement for the worthless employee they had for a while. Hopefully this one will work out better.

We've spent the majority of our nights this week playing Rock Band. Good times, and W1 is an excellent drummer. Ha Ha Ha. Much better than me anyway. Thank you H2. Good times.

I want to thank all of the NOLA peeps for the help they gave us after Hurricane Ike. And especially thank the Spinneys for allowing me to take a 16 hour power nap at their house shortly after I arrived. I needed it more than I thought.

It is nice to be back with power, and cable and internet came back last Thursday. Almost 3 weeks after the storm. But I have to say it was no Katrina. At least in our area. There was some extreme damage, but there were stores and gas stations open 2 days after the storm. Within a week the lines for gas had diminished.

I really don't have anything amusing to post right now, I may still be in shock from the last few weeks, who knows? I know it was nice to have a weekend away and visit with friends and family, and to see some great bands and eat great food. Things could always be worse.