N'awlins at heart

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To my brothers and them.

The Saints winning the Superbowl was just amazing. Just unbelievable. I rode that high for a while. The down side was it really made me miss home. I wished I was there when it all went down. To experience the partying first hand. Between the Superbowl and Mardi Gras it had to be insane.

It made me think of the good times I had in the Big Easy. And it made me think of my family. I miss the good times I've had partying with my brothers and sisters. You guys are awesome and I couldn't have picked a better family if I was given a choice. And friends actually.

To be specific I missed being home but it made me realize I have a great life with a great family. I love all of you and I'm glad our family is as crazy as we are. It makes me feel bad for people who don't get along like we do.

You guys are just awesome and I love you!

Monday, February 08, 2010

On the door of my office this morning...