N'awlins at heart

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coolin out on a Saturday

That's about it. We are hanging out catching up on laundry, dishes, etc... We had a great visit from the S-Clan. I miss "my mine" and the rest of you. She was just too precious (although I might add I did not have to change any of the diapers). It was wonderful seeing the kids, and having them spend the night while they were here. We have missed out on our "family dinner conversations" so that was an added bonus.

It was a good time hanging at D+B's with J and the kids, and hanging out with my sis. Rock Band until 4:am is always nice, and discovering Lego Indiana Jones sucks in more people than just me was good to know. And I even got an education on the new cartoons these young whipper snappers are watching these days.

Going back to work after 2 weeks off was an adventure. Normally it is hard to get back into the swing of things but I didn't have to worry this time. Since Coworker-S left I have taken over his duties. Along with my regular job. One thing I discovered is that his job consisted of a lot more than I realized. And the bonus is while we were off for 2 weeks the rest of the world kept working. So I had about a 2-3 week back log to sort through. All I can say is "last week went by fast". Thursday afternoon I thought it was still Wednesday. That was a treat. I have discovered that when you are working non stop, the days fly by. I kind of like it.

I guess that's about it for now, I have very important things waiting for me. (Okay, I'm actually going to play my Star Wars game.)