N'awlins at heart

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bad Boys Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do...

So, short story long, my knee is killing me. I tried to do the healthy thing and for 3 weeks I started taking the stairs at work. I have been taking then down for a while, but I thought it would help if I started taking them up. Nothing crazy, just 3 flights. Let me tell you, going up stairs, and going down stairs are two totally different experiences. I have to admit though, I did start feeling a little better. It was usually half way up the third flight that I started breathing heavy and feeling the "burn". But it was good. By the second week it had become easier, and the third week, even easier. Until last Friday. Have you ever been going up stairs and misjudged? You know, where your toes make it on the next step but that's it. Then all of your weight bears down bending your foot upwards. Well, that's basically what almost happened. Half way through the foot / ankle bend I realized what was going on and I quickly lifted the foot back up and put it on the next step higher. (Basically skipping a step, come on, keep up with me here). Well, since I was half way up the last flight I pushed off pretty hard and tore some muscles in my knee. It was horrible. I figured no big deal, and went to my desk. By the end of the day it was hurting worse. By the time I got home it seemed to be doing a bit better, so I didn't sweat it. Then I guess from having it relaxed all night Friday when I woke up Saturday morning it hurt even worse. By Saturday night you could notice it had swollen. But since W1 is such the perfect wife she massaged it for me.

It felt like it was getting better Monday but I didn't want to risk it so I drove the truck to work. 30% chance of rain on Monday so wouldn't you know it was gorgeous outside all day. This morning it felt even better and once again, it was 30% so this time I took the bike. It actually felt good having it in a bent position almost like it was stretching. When I got to work it felt pretty good. Just starting to hurt a little bit which frustrated me. You see, it took a little longer to get to work this morning. I got on the beltway and headed north. As soon as I got past I-10 (about 5 minutes into my 35-45 minute ride / drive) I passed a cop. I was only going about 10-15 miles over the speed limit (which is pretty much the flow of traffic around here) but to be safe I dropped down to what I assume was 65 mph. (I'm not positive as my speedometer is not accurate. See previous posts, and no, I have not picked up the speedohealer yet, but I will.) The cop sped up and rode behind me almost the entire way to work. (Had I been doing 75-80 I probably would have made it to work before my knee started hurting). And the definition of irony is as follows. As people are zooming past the cop he has no interest in anyone but me. Then, on my iPod, comes the George Harrison song "Am I right". You know the one. "I've got my mind set on you..." And he did.

Okay, that last part was total BS. I do not have George Harrison on my iPod. Just threw it in there for laughs. But seriously, he was not concerned with anyone but me. Even when I got over to take my exit off the beltway onto 249 he was right behind me. He finally took the exit right before mine a good 5 miles up the road, but by then I was pretty much at work. I laughed about it a few times throughout the day. I still could not believe he followed me the entire way, but he sure did.

Fast forward to 6:30 PM. I left work and got back on 249 towards the belt. All is clear, looking good. I took the exit to head back onto the beltway southward. Coast is clear. I get onto the beltway and as soon as I do, all 4 lanes are crawling. I carefully weave up to the head of the line and discover the hold up. This time it was a motorcycle cop (brand new bike, still had the temporary tags), doing 65 in the left lane, and everyone was afraid to pass him. So I basically sat in the lane staggered behind him, doing 65 the whole way home. This guy actually stayed on the beltway while I exited, so once again, a slow ride home. I found myself wondering if the people in the cars wanted me to gun it and take off, just so he would chase me, then they could speed up and get home at a decent time too. But I let it at wondering, I learned my lesson with my first ticket, don't need another one. Thanks anyway.

So that was basically the highlight of my day. One thing I did appreciate on the way home though, I didn't feel quite as invisible on the bike as I usually do. Something about riding behind a police motorcycle gave me the feeling that people probably noticed me today.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The 7th time's a charm?

So Friday, at 3:30 PM, we receive the long awaited call that W1's car is ready. We just KNEW this time it would be right. I mean, this was the 6th trip out there. It had to be right this time. Didn't it? No, it wasn't. They called while I was at work, so I had to rush home, drop off the truck, pick up W1 and the rental, and drive about 30 minutes away. As we were walking to the vehicle (about 10 feet away) I noticed them. Two 4" scratches on the back door that were not there when the car was initially dropped off. From the looks of it, either removing or replacement of the rear bumper was done very sloppily. Apparently they yanked too hard and caused it to slam, and hence scratch, the rear door. Unacceptable. Along with that issue there is still a small spot from the initial incident where the scrape went across the back window and some of the metal. My only guess is they were able to get most of that scrape with rubbing compound, but that part was too deep and needed to be repainted. I think they didn't want to repaint that part for one tiny ding considering the piece goes from the rear bumper, over the doors and ends at the hood. They are soon discovering that we are not going to "settle".

Another issue is the internal detailing. Let me step back for a second. Due to all of the issues and many return trips, they promised the interior and exterior will be completely detailed. We were supposed to meet with the Collision Center Manager, since the Farmers agent has too much attitude when it comes to DOING HER JOB. My only guess is, as an attempt to intimidate us, we ended up meeting with the Collision Center's Assistant Manager. She came out sporting shorts and a polo shirt which accented the Jail House Tattoos on her neck, hands, and legs. That certainly did not keep W1 from speaking her mind. (I am so proud of her.) I try to stay mellow and laid back. W1 on the other hand is quite over all of their bullshit. And she had no problem letting them know. She commences to informing our new friend that part of our "deal" was to have the interior detailed which was not done. Our new friend informes her that "Yes, it was cleaned" at which point W1 starts pointing out the cigarette ashes all over the interior. W1 then informs her "I don't consider that clean, but hey, if that's what you guys consider clean that is fine. I will be more than happy to clean it properly myself when I get home". She also points out some white "dust" all over the doors which our friend claims "comes from the rags that they wipe it down with". W1 kindly responds to that with an "And?". Ha ha ha. Then to top it off there seems to be overspray on the back side of the car. Apparently they were spraying a white car a little too close to our black car. This can be easily removed, and W1 informs them that they can go ahead and "get on that".

So, as it stands, once again, the car is almost done. And I have to give our new friend with the Jail House tattoos a little credit. She did at least pay attention to the things we were pointing out to her. Hopefully they will be fixed next time we have to leave work early to go inspect the vehicle. By the way, it has been in the shop for over a month now, and she hasn't owned the car for quite a year yet. Let round 7 begin...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"What kind of husband do you have?"

That, my friends, is a direct quote from W1's doctor. As some of you know, W1 got sick Friday. At first we were both surprised that 2 Margaritas would leave her so hung over. Saturday morning she went to the doctor and found out she had Strep Throat and Bronchitus. Now that's one Hell of a hangover. So, needless to say, she spent most of the weekend in bed. I did what I could to take care of her.

The funny thing was, I mentioned if they gave her antibiotics, they are supposed to cancel out Birth Control Pills. So, when she was prescribed antibiotics, she asked if that was true. Which brought up the doctors question. I had to laugh when she told me this. Like she was at the doctors office ready to vomit and pass out at the same time, and in the meantime, I'm sitting at home half nude drooling waiting to pouce on her as soon as she enters the door. That was not necessarily the case. Homever, that scenario is likely to occur in the next few weeks. You know, once she gets better.

He informed her that was the case in the 80's. But not so much now. Whatever the case is, I'm not ready to take that risk right now, and agree it is a good question to ask.

Tomorrow starts another fun work week. I hope everyone is looking forward to it as much as I am. (Cough, gag). If I didn't have to deal with toll roads, I would take W1's Rental Corolla. I drove it today. It's not that great, but driving 50 miles a day to and from work, I'd rather put the miles on their car. We were joking about how it has no power compared to the Avalon she originally had, but I have to admit, I did squall the tires today. Not purposely, but it was still funny. I recommend renting a car every now and then. Just because you can abuse it, and not worry about it lasting until it's paid off. Um, just kidding? Ha Ha.

Well, it's almost midnight, and I have to work tomorrow, so I guess that's it for now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday night Margaritas.

Last night we did our weekly Los Tios Margarita Night. It is actually pretty fun. A few weeks ago we happened to pass by there for dinner on a Thursday night and a band was playing. The following week we ended up there again on a Thursday and realized the band plays on the same night every week. So it has now become our weekly "date". It's nice to sit back and relax, listening to the band, and eat good food. We use to get the Fajita Nachos every time but we decided to switch it up last night. I had a couple of Chicken Tacos and W1 went with a beef one. It was wild, as it took about 2 minutes for our food to come out. I was shocked. The best was the dessert though. Last week we decided to try the sopapillas. They were amazing. Most places give you honey to put on them which is delicious. This place gives you honey and caramel.

Last night was the saxaphone player's birthday from what I gathered. He was doing well in his salmon (aw come on, it was PINK) shirt. His girlfriend was also there. She has been there every week too. Last night she was in a black cocktail dress looking very professional. Last week however, she was in jeans and a black tee shirt with a huge pentagram on the back. Very odd.

Another set of regulars that seem to show up each week are a couple of guys (and I stress "couple") that don't really look like they fit in. They look to me like the guys you would see hanging out playing Magic the Gathering, or Dungeons and Dragons. Long hair, 80's rock band tee shirts. We don't talk to any of these people, but we do enjoy the "people watching". People get up and dance, and some of them are really good. W1 wants to learn to dance like them, but I told her I didn't think it would be fun. The ones who are really good don't have a look on their faces like they are enjoying themselves. I think they are just really concentrating. But I would think if it takes that much concentration, it would take a lot of the fun out of it. You can't really enjoy the music if you aren't paying attention to it. Just my opinion, I'm probably completely off on that one.

Ok, short update there, but it beats waiting 2 weeks right?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Like I would even forget...

(Well, I did forget to mention it.) One of the biggest highlights of our trip to NOLA this time was Saturday night. S1+o came out with us. She is usually stuck watching the kids when we all go out but ChiaMom was kind enough to babysit for her. (We love you mom!) I had so much fun going out with my sis. It has really been a long time. I'm talking High School. Well, maybe a year or so afterwards but still. (No, I will not put how many years ago that was into numbers so don't ask. Ha ha ha!) I forgot how much fun it is to party with her, and I had a great time. I think we will have to give them advanced warning next time we come in too.

Not trying to hurt feelings, I had fun with everyone going out with us. I just wanted to note that it was a rare occasion and very nice to have S1+o join us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can you reproduce this issue for me?

Apparently no, I can not. I can however produce a bunch of other issues and have to redo my job over and over. Yep, that's what I'm good at. But the issue you wanted to see, well, I guess you'll have to wait.

So, a whole lot of stuff has been going on, I just never remember what any of it is. Well, some of it I do. We made the trip last week to NOLA and brought the bike with us. Had 1 or 2 nice short rides in there. The original long trip to the shed on Sunday was cancelled due to rain. Yeah, that's it, rain. (Raining from my mouth into the commode. yeah, more than just a little sick. Call it a late night boozing up, or a "bug" but whatever it was, I felt like crap). I did manage to get the lights installed on the truck with a little help from Big Boy (a little help as in, he did all the work and I watched). Thanks Big J!!!

The drive back was pretty rainy, and I missed a lot of work due to issues with a particular Collision Department, and a particular insurance agent. But, once again, W1 went above and beyond, and the original issues (and then some) should be solved soon. I was impressed. Maybe we can get her to post parts of the numerous emails and correspondances she has had with them. Far too much to write about.

I seem to remember a while back, a show, or segment of a show, called "Criminals are Stupid!" It showed some of the not so bright things people have done whilst breaking the law. I ran across a good candidate this morning. I am on a motorcycle forum based here in Houston called SuperBikeMoto. And, they give out these stickers that members have all over their trucks, cars, bikes, and anywhere else you can image. It's just a giant SBM on the sticker. Well, a few months back one of the members (there are only around 200 or so) had his '03 GSXR 600 stolen. The usual condolences went out with the "Post pics and we'll keep an eye out" comments, etc. Usually, nothing comes of it (unfortunately). That was not the case this time. One of the other members was scrolling through the local craigslist and found an ad selling the plastics for a GSXR 600. Upon clicking the link I believe his first thought was "Wow, these are a lot cleaner than the ones on my bike, I should buy them". This thought was followed with a "Hmmm, wait a minute. Those look a lot like the ones off the bike that was stolen. Same clear brake light, and nice big SBM sticker across the wind shield". So they went ahead and contacted the seller. I believe he was a little surprised when the original owner, the largest guy on the site, and a uniformed officer showed up to "check out" the items. Short story long, he at least got the plastics back. I guess that's 1 step closer to actually getting the bike back. (Note to theives, at least take any identifying stickers etc off of your stolen goods before trying to sell them on a public, and local, website). Dumbass!

Now for my Harry Potter comment section: I know nothing of Harry Potter having never watched any of the movies or reading any of the books, so, not much to comment on there. (Just trying to keep up with the rest of the family).

And on to boxing. While visiting NOLA H2 got me hooked on a game called Final Fight Round 3. That game rules! As soon as we returned to Houston I had to go buy it. I think I'm at 21-1 with 21 KO's. I rule! Ha ha. If you have spare time, check it out. It's a great time waster. While we were there we also went to see the Transformers movie. It was a lot better than I had expected. I would definitely recommend it. And as for spoilers, the previews before the movie... There was one that didn't say the name of the movie. It was a group of people partying before one guy was supposed to leave the country. Then everything shook and there was a loud noise. The poeple were asking if it was an earthquake, then it happened again. They showed 5 main people in the preview but never mentioned the name of the movie. Well, my sources tell me that was a preview for VOLTRON. Yes, that is what I am told. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Edit: Hmmm.