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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Repeatedly educated.

Some may say I was "schooled".

Sunday, October 19, stardate, some time after noon. I made it to the barber shop. I walked in and I was the only customer waiting. Nice. Only one barber was there. She was busy working on a client. Five minutes into my wait my bubble was shattered. Another customer emerged from the restroom. Still only one barber. Damn! Oh well, it's all good. Eventually another barber came out from her lunch break. So I was only in there for about an hour.

After returning home W1 and I headed to our new favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. Which is apparently closed on Sundays. Damn! Oh well, Popeyes was delicious. Once we got back home I went to work. I learned that I do have the ability to tighten my chain on the bike. The wrench only slipped out of my hand once, hitting me in the forehead and leaving a nice big knot. Damn! Oh well, lesson learned. I also learned that tightening my chain did not help, and I need a new chain and sprockets. Damn! From what I can tell the front one needs replacement mostly. Oh well, life goes on.

Afterwards we headed to the grocery store. Got stuff to make delicious meatloaf dinner. It was fabulous. Then watched the latest Futurama movie. Pretty funny I might add. Definitely worth watching.

And now it is almost time for bed so we can start the work week / cycle all over again. Hopefully next week is better. And the bonus? The "Service Engine Soon" light came on in the truck yesterday. Damn! Oh well, Star Wars is on so it's all good.


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