N'awlins at heart

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm number one!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Ellie! We miss you like crazy and can't wait to see everyone soon.

So, I'm driving home today, minding my own business. I tried to pull the "speed up and pass someone on the right" maneuver but we've all seen how that works out. All of a sudden, said vehicle is in a hurry and boxes you in. So, I calmly slow down to get behind this jerkface. As I'm getting in the middle lane to get behind him, a bigger jerkface comes flying up on me, planning to get in the middle lane, then to the left lane, to continue flying by doing triple digits. Only, when I moved to the middle lane I caused him to get boxed in behind me. (Only after slamming on his brakes.) When the left lane became clear, I stayed where I was, assuming he was in a bigger hurry than I was. He took the bait, and passed me on the left. Once he was a few car lenghts ahead, the passenger put his arm out the window and let me know that I was number one. That's right, he shot me the bird. Shortly after the driver followed suit.

Now the part that gets me, is I'm the dick. I take all the blame for this fiasco. Never mind the guy hauling ass through rush hour traffic, trying to break the sound barrier. I'm the dick, right? I'm sorry, it was funny to me. I think I would have been a little more upset if I hadn't been listening to the Beatles when this occured. Yes, that was the song.

So the other day W1 had a Thanksgiving Pot Luck. I had brought some work home and was retesting issues so she decided to dice the onions to get me started on the bisque. After a while I heard a scream and a few choice words. I ran in the kitchen and saw she had cut herself with this knife.

So I head into the bathroom for neosporin and a bandaid. When I come out I see she has decided the knike was too small, or the wrong one, or something. So she has moved on to this knife.

That's right, I put a quarter up there to show proportion. So. Anyway, instead of almost cutting off a finger she moved on to a knife that could chop off her hand. (I love you baby.) Needless to say, I put work away and headed to the kitchen to cook.

Speaking of work, my minions have been quiet. I think the cold has sent them into hibernation, or something, who knows? (Well, maybe some scientists, or marine biologists, but out of us, who knows?) A few of them still come out and brave the cold. And, for the record, apparently humans aren't the only ones who can make an "O face".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Co-worker S does it again.

And this time I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I will try to make the next paragraph "quick and not so techie".

When you buy a new computer and take it out of the box, the software installed on it has to be "unbundled". This is the process where you fill out all of your personal info and wait for it to reboot a few times. In order for all that software to get there, it has to be put there by a (dash) server. All the testing we do requires the latest image to be put on the system. We have a private internal network with dash servers we manage, to do that. Thursday, the most important one crashed and the data was lost.

Co-worker S sent out an email to all of the big bosses of the various groups, letting them know we would not be able to supply them with fresh images for a few days, as the server needs to be "rebuilt". Here is an exert from his email:

"We will let you know when you will be able to start dashing again.

Sorry for the incontinences."

When I read it, I started laughing. Then I wondered if maybe I misunderstood the meaning of incontinence. After looking it up, no, I understood perfectly. Now I know not being able to use the latest images can be pretty tough for some people at my job, but I hope it's not tramatic enough to make them uncontrollably shit themselves. All I could think of was The Princess Bride. "I do not think that means, what you think it means".

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tux to the rescue.

The weekend has been short, I did get a little Guitar Hero and Rock Band in there. We watched the first 9 episodes of "True Blood". There is a new one tonight, but we don't have HBO. It's a pretty good show. Apparently the books are even better.

We were at the grocery store tonight and one of the things they are doing is giving Professional Cookware away via points. It's in the back of the store and we're up to 76 points. I can't find out how many points you need for what pieces. I've been all over their ste and can't find anything. So I finally googled "Randall's Professional Cookware Points". (Don't do it!!!) I clicked on a link a few links down the page. Immediately my browser popped open a window that started a scan saying I had a shit ton of viruses. Then a window popped up saying I needed Antivirus 2009 (That's a link to Norton's description), which is in fact a virus. A pretty nasty one I might add. I have seen it work and it's vicious. Luckily for me I am using my Linux system which is not affected. Score one for Linux! Tux saved me that time, that one's a bitch to remove. Maybe next time I'll just ask customer service.

Friday, November 07, 2008

"And good times were had by all..."


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Everythings smooth like butter.

Or not. But oh well. Things have been busy. H2 and GF came in for a wonderful visit. We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. It was quite interesting. I think Kenellie would really enjoy themselves there. We also had some good Rock Band time and I must have been drunk because I was singing. Truly a good time.

My chain and sprockets are back ordered so I am still bikeless. I'm trying to keep positive, and just think how much fun it will be when I do get to ride again. Rain or shine it will be on!

We moved to a new building at work this week and nothing has gone well. Very heavy important stuff was brought to someone elses lab so we had to carry that down the hall. There are some many issues I don't even want to bore you with the details. The internet is not working among other things. Which is why I have not blagged until now. (That and packing up last week while still testing equipment.) They moved us to the back of the building (furthest away from the bosses as possible, I like that) but the elevator has not been built yet. So the stuff we had to move ourselves to prevent damage (servers, etc...) got to be lugged up two flights of stares. It wasn't bad until about the 20th trip (no exaggeration here). It made me think of the old cartoons when they'd draw the French guy with huge sholders and skinny legs that went down to a point. Except I will be opposite.

One of the cool things is currently they are building and moving a lot of things, so the loading dock at the foot of the stairs is open. When I take a break I go out there and hang out by a pond. It's full of turtles. (I hope Aunt Pat doesn't see this.)Whenever we go out there they swim across to us and come right to the edge. Then they peek at us and swim away. I saw a box of old donuts from yesterday in the trash, and I was going to feed them but I thought they may get addicted. Then the next time I come out I'll see them crawling up the loading dock ramp. I may bring a little cat food or something tomorrow to watch them eat. Okay, maybe I do mess with the wild animals too much.