N'awlins at heart

Monday, April 26, 2010

Square peg, round hole.

I was going to post a picture of food, to keep with my latest posts, but I changed my mind. Even though I should have taken a picture of yesterday's grillins.

With the move we have worked ourselves like dogs. Every waking second if we are not at work we are busting our asses (not busting ass) on our house. We decided Saturday that we needed a break. (Okay, we agreed to go somewhere with some friends, and felt obligated.) So we went wine tasting. I'm glad we did because we needed a break, even if we didn't want to take one. And what better way to spend a day off than drinking in hill country?

So, speaking of moving, one of the things moved was my computer, with speaker and sub woofer. Said sub woofer also contains a hole in the front to port it. That hole just happens to be the perfect size to fit cat toys in. Yes, correct. I love Molly even when she puts 3 cat toys inside my sub woofer. You know, the plastic balls with the bells in them. I knew what was up when I picked it up and it jingled. I was able to get them out.

Last Friday we were able to get the last of our belongings out of the apartment. I can't tell you how great that feeling was to know that I never have to go there again. It was like watching paint dry. And by paint I mean an apartment and by dry I mean turn into a dirty crime ridden ghetto gated cesspool.

In closing, let me just ask, why does Facebook consider Facebook a misspelled word?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

It's just a lazy Saturday.

Trying to keep the mind from swimming I had to look for things to keep occupied today. First on the list, tightening the bike chain. I think all went well. It seemed to be better but I never left 1st gear. I got to the gate of our complex and realized the only thing I grabbed when I walked out the door were a helmet, some tools, and the key. No wallet, no license, no insurance or registration. And the way things are going I would have been "routinely stopped". I just don't have money for the lawyer right now.

Another time passer was the 3 egg omlette. Way delicious. Hannah's had ham, cheddar, and onions. Mine was just ham and cheddar. She didn't even put a dent in hers, I devoured mine. (Okay she ate some but they were HUGE!)

And now I am about to throw some chicken breasts on the grill. Yeah it's 11:00. Doesn't make dinner any less delicious. Plus, it's the weekend. I do what I want.