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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The beard is gone.

I had decided not to shave until our power was back on. Little did I know I would have two weeks of no power to grow out a nice beard. I had to use clippers to trim it down before I could even try a razor. But once again my face is smooth as a baby's bottom. (Okay, that's stretching it but you know what I mean.)

Last week was a typical work week. We both went in for our 9-6, forty hours. W1 has a new employee coming in the week after next. A replacement for the worthless employee they had for a while. Hopefully this one will work out better.

We've spent the majority of our nights this week playing Rock Band. Good times, and W1 is an excellent drummer. Ha Ha Ha. Much better than me anyway. Thank you H2. Good times.

I want to thank all of the NOLA peeps for the help they gave us after Hurricane Ike. And especially thank the Spinneys for allowing me to take a 16 hour power nap at their house shortly after I arrived. I needed it more than I thought.

It is nice to be back with power, and cable and internet came back last Thursday. Almost 3 weeks after the storm. But I have to say it was no Katrina. At least in our area. There was some extreme damage, but there were stores and gas stations open 2 days after the storm. Within a week the lines for gas had diminished.

I really don't have anything amusing to post right now, I may still be in shock from the last few weeks, who knows? I know it was nice to have a weekend away and visit with friends and family, and to see some great bands and eat great food. Things could always be worse.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Hey man, it was nice to have you, even for a short while. Thanks for lending us your wife!

Where's the "after" pics?


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