N'awlins at heart

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aliens abducted me.

That's right, aliens abducted me. They dropped me back off this morning. Sorry I didn't call anyone on Thanksgiving, but Who Dat!

We were invited to a party from the director of our group. On the invitation it states "Attire: Casual". Now maybe it's just paranoia, but I have the strange feeling his idea of casual attire is a lot different than mine. I think I'll go with Khakis and a polo.

Thanksgiving went well for us. We had a turkey, stuffing, yams, broccoli, bread, pie, etc... We kicked back and watched a pretty intense Saints game. And actually called it an early night.

I did notice yesterday morning I changed the channel 5 times and Hannah kept changing it back to "Deadly Women". So if I suddenly disappear you all know what happened. Speaking of, I plan to put a request in my will that I must arrive late to my own funeral.

By the way I love the Sprint commercial where the neighbor texts the other one that his house is an eyesore. And "Ho-Ho-Rendous".

Sorry, my mind is just wandering tonight...