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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bad Boys Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do...

So, short story long, my knee is killing me. I tried to do the healthy thing and for 3 weeks I started taking the stairs at work. I have been taking then down for a while, but I thought it would help if I started taking them up. Nothing crazy, just 3 flights. Let me tell you, going up stairs, and going down stairs are two totally different experiences. I have to admit though, I did start feeling a little better. It was usually half way up the third flight that I started breathing heavy and feeling the "burn". But it was good. By the second week it had become easier, and the third week, even easier. Until last Friday. Have you ever been going up stairs and misjudged? You know, where your toes make it on the next step but that's it. Then all of your weight bears down bending your foot upwards. Well, that's basically what almost happened. Half way through the foot / ankle bend I realized what was going on and I quickly lifted the foot back up and put it on the next step higher. (Basically skipping a step, come on, keep up with me here). Well, since I was half way up the last flight I pushed off pretty hard and tore some muscles in my knee. It was horrible. I figured no big deal, and went to my desk. By the end of the day it was hurting worse. By the time I got home it seemed to be doing a bit better, so I didn't sweat it. Then I guess from having it relaxed all night Friday when I woke up Saturday morning it hurt even worse. By Saturday night you could notice it had swollen. But since W1 is such the perfect wife she massaged it for me.

It felt like it was getting better Monday but I didn't want to risk it so I drove the truck to work. 30% chance of rain on Monday so wouldn't you know it was gorgeous outside all day. This morning it felt even better and once again, it was 30% so this time I took the bike. It actually felt good having it in a bent position almost like it was stretching. When I got to work it felt pretty good. Just starting to hurt a little bit which frustrated me. You see, it took a little longer to get to work this morning. I got on the beltway and headed north. As soon as I got past I-10 (about 5 minutes into my 35-45 minute ride / drive) I passed a cop. I was only going about 10-15 miles over the speed limit (which is pretty much the flow of traffic around here) but to be safe I dropped down to what I assume was 65 mph. (I'm not positive as my speedometer is not accurate. See previous posts, and no, I have not picked up the speedohealer yet, but I will.) The cop sped up and rode behind me almost the entire way to work. (Had I been doing 75-80 I probably would have made it to work before my knee started hurting). And the definition of irony is as follows. As people are zooming past the cop he has no interest in anyone but me. Then, on my iPod, comes the George Harrison song "Am I right". You know the one. "I've got my mind set on you..." And he did.

Okay, that last part was total BS. I do not have George Harrison on my iPod. Just threw it in there for laughs. But seriously, he was not concerned with anyone but me. Even when I got over to take my exit off the beltway onto 249 he was right behind me. He finally took the exit right before mine a good 5 miles up the road, but by then I was pretty much at work. I laughed about it a few times throughout the day. I still could not believe he followed me the entire way, but he sure did.

Fast forward to 6:30 PM. I left work and got back on 249 towards the belt. All is clear, looking good. I took the exit to head back onto the beltway southward. Coast is clear. I get onto the beltway and as soon as I do, all 4 lanes are crawling. I carefully weave up to the head of the line and discover the hold up. This time it was a motorcycle cop (brand new bike, still had the temporary tags), doing 65 in the left lane, and everyone was afraid to pass him. So I basically sat in the lane staggered behind him, doing 65 the whole way home. This guy actually stayed on the beltway while I exited, so once again, a slow ride home. I found myself wondering if the people in the cars wanted me to gun it and take off, just so he would chase me, then they could speed up and get home at a decent time too. But I let it at wondering, I learned my lesson with my first ticket, don't need another one. Thanks anyway.

So that was basically the highlight of my day. One thing I did appreciate on the way home though, I didn't feel quite as invisible on the bike as I usually do. Something about riding behind a police motorcycle gave me the feeling that people probably noticed me today.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

Damned cops! They ruin all the fun!

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous chia said...

So now you can take your honey out with that money you saved on the ticket he didn't write you!!


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