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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can you reproduce this issue for me?

Apparently no, I can not. I can however produce a bunch of other issues and have to redo my job over and over. Yep, that's what I'm good at. But the issue you wanted to see, well, I guess you'll have to wait.

So, a whole lot of stuff has been going on, I just never remember what any of it is. Well, some of it I do. We made the trip last week to NOLA and brought the bike with us. Had 1 or 2 nice short rides in there. The original long trip to the shed on Sunday was cancelled due to rain. Yeah, that's it, rain. (Raining from my mouth into the commode. yeah, more than just a little sick. Call it a late night boozing up, or a "bug" but whatever it was, I felt like crap). I did manage to get the lights installed on the truck with a little help from Big Boy (a little help as in, he did all the work and I watched). Thanks Big J!!!

The drive back was pretty rainy, and I missed a lot of work due to issues with a particular Collision Department, and a particular insurance agent. But, once again, W1 went above and beyond, and the original issues (and then some) should be solved soon. I was impressed. Maybe we can get her to post parts of the numerous emails and correspondances she has had with them. Far too much to write about.

I seem to remember a while back, a show, or segment of a show, called "Criminals are Stupid!" It showed some of the not so bright things people have done whilst breaking the law. I ran across a good candidate this morning. I am on a motorcycle forum based here in Houston called SuperBikeMoto. And, they give out these stickers that members have all over their trucks, cars, bikes, and anywhere else you can image. It's just a giant SBM on the sticker. Well, a few months back one of the members (there are only around 200 or so) had his '03 GSXR 600 stolen. The usual condolences went out with the "Post pics and we'll keep an eye out" comments, etc. Usually, nothing comes of it (unfortunately). That was not the case this time. One of the other members was scrolling through the local craigslist and found an ad selling the plastics for a GSXR 600. Upon clicking the link I believe his first thought was "Wow, these are a lot cleaner than the ones on my bike, I should buy them". This thought was followed with a "Hmmm, wait a minute. Those look a lot like the ones off the bike that was stolen. Same clear brake light, and nice big SBM sticker across the wind shield". So they went ahead and contacted the seller. I believe he was a little surprised when the original owner, the largest guy on the site, and a uniformed officer showed up to "check out" the items. Short story long, he at least got the plastics back. I guess that's 1 step closer to actually getting the bike back. (Note to theives, at least take any identifying stickers etc off of your stolen goods before trying to sell them on a public, and local, website). Dumbass!

Now for my Harry Potter comment section: I know nothing of Harry Potter having never watched any of the movies or reading any of the books, so, not much to comment on there. (Just trying to keep up with the rest of the family).

And on to boxing. While visiting NOLA H2 got me hooked on a game called Final Fight Round 3. That game rules! As soon as we returned to Houston I had to go buy it. I think I'm at 21-1 with 21 KO's. I rule! Ha ha. If you have spare time, check it out. It's a great time waster. While we were there we also went to see the Transformers movie. It was a lot better than I had expected. I would definitely recommend it. And as for spoilers, the previews before the movie... There was one that didn't say the name of the movie. It was a group of people partying before one guy was supposed to leave the country. Then everything shook and there was a loud noise. The poeple were asking if it was an earthquake, then it happened again. They showed 5 main people in the preview but never mentioned the name of the movie. Well, my sources tell me that was a preview for VOLTRON. Yes, that is what I am told. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Edit: Hmmm.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Umm, last I heard, Voltron totally got served. I'm just saying ...

And to all those that actually want to see or speak with the man in their life, DO NOT let them get that damned boxing game!! hehe

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous H2 said...

The game is called "Fight Night Round 3" but is very addictive. I apparently do not have as good a record as Mike but do now prefer to be called Dean "The Dream" Herrick.

P.S. Voltron would be awesome.


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