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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tux to the rescue.

The weekend has been short, I did get a little Guitar Hero and Rock Band in there. We watched the first 9 episodes of "True Blood". There is a new one tonight, but we don't have HBO. It's a pretty good show. Apparently the books are even better.

We were at the grocery store tonight and one of the things they are doing is giving Professional Cookware away via points. It's in the back of the store and we're up to 76 points. I can't find out how many points you need for what pieces. I've been all over their ste and can't find anything. So I finally googled "Randall's Professional Cookware Points". (Don't do it!!!) I clicked on a link a few links down the page. Immediately my browser popped open a window that started a scan saying I had a shit ton of viruses. Then a window popped up saying I needed Antivirus 2009 (That's a link to Norton's description), which is in fact a virus. A pretty nasty one I might add. I have seen it work and it's vicious. Luckily for me I am using my Linux system which is not affected. Score one for Linux! Tux saved me that time, that one's a bitch to remove. Maybe next time I'll just ask customer service.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Patti said...

I don't know what Tux is, but the linkie sure is cute! And True Blood Rocks!!!! Awww, Sookie Sookie now!!!


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