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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sometimes Karma isn't swift...

Instead you get pounced on, when you least expect it.

There was a guy on the Motorcycle Forum I frequent, with a pretty checkered past. He has been banned and let back in a few times. Currently, he is once again banned. Not just the Forum I'm on, but at least 2 other Motorcycle Forums just here in Houston. He joined ours, after he was banned from a different one. I swung by there to see what the deal was, and found all sorts of dirt. Now from what I can tell, this guy is a predator. He preys on the kindness and trust of other people.

The information I got (which he admits to, but has pages of excuses and stories of how he has changed) was that he had been convicted of selling stolen car parts. I googled his name, and apparently he was into sports cars before motorcycles. He is banned on a few of those sites as well. For collecting the funds for parts but not delivering the goods. When I found out the data, I forwarded what I saw to the administrator of our site. Not passing judgment, just giving a heads up. The administrator said he knew that and had a long conversation with this guy about his past. That was fine with me, as I have no plans of giving this guy money for anything.

The new leaf looks like it has not turned over. Once on the Forum he started with the peddling. First it was parties with strippers, then free Hooters wings, and so on and so on. I would assume this was his way of setting his trap. Gaining peoples trust. It did not take long before he was advertising the Phantom Tracking System. Now mind you this thing sounds bad ass, and I want one when I get a new bike, but it runs around $1000, with a monthly monitoring fee. From what I read today he apparently took down payments and never provided the systems. On our forum there was an issue with sunglasses. Apparently someone sold him some $50 sunglasses, and he would pay them the next time they met up. Well, the next time they met was at a Hooters meet, and some people "skipped on their bill". So he had to spend the money covering that. Then this and that came up. When it reached the point the guy had to post on the forum about it, the response was long and stunk of BS. It finally came to "Do you want them back?" and the response was "If I wanted them, I would not have sold them. I want my $50."

I'm sure that was eventually resolved, but was also a clue that this guy had not changed. One of the girls on the forum took his side, and she got screwed too. He moved in with her as a roommate, and was working on a track bike. It was a Repsol that he wanted to sell the plastics from, because he was buying another bike. One thing he didn't have money for, was his part of the rent. He was finally kicked out, and I don't think she ever got paid.

I could go on and on about this guy, but I think you all get it. So he is banned from our site, but still has friends on there. One of them posted some info that proves karma will get you in the end. Apparently, last night, someone stole his camaro. I couldn't help but chuckle as I read it. You get what you give people.


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