N'awlins at heart

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's on the money.

Well, after installing my speedohealer and finally getting to test it, we are good. It is 100% accurate. Thank you so much W1. Now next time I get pulled over I can be like "Nope, I don't think so". Then I'm sure I'll get cited for 100 other things. Ha Ha.

I spent a major part of the weekend fighting with Linux. The good news is, I won. The bad news is, I didn't win until about 11:30 last night. So it's like I wasted the whole weekend. It feels that way anyway. But we were able to go riding twice this weekend. Once in the rain. See W1's blog. And the fact that I finally got Linux running, pleases me. I also didn't get a chance to do my weekend BBQ that I usually do Sunday nights. That is okay though, I plan to do it tonight.

Other than that, I got nothin'. Sorry...


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