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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been bamboozled.

That's right people, I was tricked. W1 was told she had to work today because her office is having a big partners meeting / teleconference / whatever the hell they want to call it. Which is no big deal. Wednesday my job offered us "unlimited overtime" until the end of January. So Friday my boss emails and asks if anyone was working this weekend. Being that W1 was gonna be gone I decided to make a little cheddah myself. So I respond and tell him I'll work Saturday 4-6 hours OT. So this morning, as we are getting ready, W1's boss calls her and tells her she doesn't need to come in. By now I am already showered and ready to walk out the door. Plus I am expected at work, so I went ahead and came in anyways. Surprisingly, all of my coworkers came in at some time today. I actually made the comment that there were more people in our lab today then there are on a normal work day. Anyways, I head down for a smoke break and decide to give W1 a call. And guess what? She was taking a nap. I think it was all a ploy to get me out of the house so she can sleep in peace.

Now for the important stuff. If you are just skimming this post pay close attention to this part. Normally one of my biggest gripes (other than traffic) is how I constantly want crawfish. Whenever we come back to New Orleans, I always want a Crawfish Boil. Well not this time people. My cravings have taken a different turn. Next time we come in town, I want Chiamom and Chiapiop's homemade pizza. I have been craving it for the last week or so. And since W1 is asleep and can't say it for me, "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" Thanks in advance.

Onto the next subject. Thursday morning I went to hop in the truck to head to work and something was amiss. Taking a good look, I was missing a hub cap. Now I don't go over lots of bumpy roads, so I can't imagine where I lost it. Also, I stopped and checked the mail when I got home Wednesday night, and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it missing at that time. My only guess is the teenagers who hang out at night in the parking garage may have removed it. Why they only wanted the one I have no idea. I looked in the grass near there to see if they took it off and just threw it off the roof of the garage being "kids" but I did not see it. So I went on my local motorcycle forum to make a joke about it. I posted up a story of how it was missing, and how it left me with a dilemma. Do I, 1, check with the dealer and order a replacement? 2, go to Wal Mart and pick up a new cheesy set for $20. Or 3, take the rest of the hub caps off and make it a streetfighter? (Just a little info, the term streetfigher when used in the motorcycle community is slang for a sportbike that has all the plastics removed and often times the handle bars are replaced with dirt bike handle bars. I think the reasoning behind this is to lower the weight of the bike, hence making it faster. But I could be wrong.) Now, one would assume, the idea of removing the hub caps on a car or truck and claiming it to be a "streetfighter" is preposterous. But nobody got the joke. I actually got of bunch of suggestions. Even as far as "Take the other one off the missing side since nobody will see both sides at once. Then everyone will think you have all four, or none at all. And they won't realize it doesn't match." I appreciate them looking out for my best interests, but it was just a joke. Wow!

Lastly. About 6 months ago, a coworker who I will call "C" took a picture of me at my desk. Normally when I leave on Tuesdays and Fridays I put all of our trash cans in the hall to be emptied. When I come in on Wednesdays and Mondays, C brings the cans in. About a week after taking my picture, I came in on a Monday and my trash can was on my chair with the picture of me making a funny face taped to it. Then the joke was "How early did you get in? I've been looking at you in your chair all morning." Now mind you this was about 6 months ago. Fast forward to Thursday. (Yes, the same day I discovered I was missing a hub cap). I get an email stating that once again, someone has been breaking into pickup trucks in the parking garage here at work. For some reason they only hit pickup trucks. So when I returned from lunch I parked on the roof of the garage. Because, on the roof, the vehicles can be seen from the windows of the buildings. So I felt there was less chance of getting my truck broken into parked there. About 1/2 hour after I get back, C returns from lunch. He starts with the "Wow, how did you get here so quick? Did you run? I just saw you in your truck." When I informed him that I had been here for a while he said "Well, someone was in your truck". We play a lot of pranks on each other here, so I thought nothing of it and figured he was full of BS. A few hours later I went out for a smoke break. When I got back he asked "Did you check on your truck?". I answered "No, I was out back". And that was all that was mentioned. So finally, at the end of the day I headed out. I walked out of the stair well and looked at my truck (by now it had gotten dark) and I notice something on my windshield. My first thought was, security left me a note saying they could see valuables left out in the open inside my truck. (As they have done to C when they saw his CO2 canisters for home brewing sitting on his passenger seat. The item description they wrote was "Other: Scuba Tanks". Which we all found amusing and joke about every now and then). Upon closer inspection of my truck I realized it was not a note from security, but in fact the goofy faced picture of me taped to my windshield. Thinking about when I returned from lunch there were a few cars parked around me, and when I left to go home my truck was the last, all I could do is laugh. I was imagining the other employees seeing this picture taped to my windshield as they headed out and thinking "Hey, I've seen that guy in the hall before". It still makes me laugh. Sometimes these guys can be funny...


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Umm, yeah, sorry 'bout dat.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Nice post! Glad to see you're alive.


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