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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lemon Pepper is my bottom ho!

Okay, according to the container the name is "Lemon & Pepper", but I stand by it. I use it in almost everything I cook. Oregano is also fun. Remember that when you are cooking. Spices are your friends.

I don't think Texas is very ethnically tolerant. We went on a picnic / outing yesterday with a few people I work with. It was mainly for one of the old bosses who had retired. Every year they would do this picnic thing. He is a really cool guy, and one of the last things he did before retiring was get me a job in a different group right before the group I was in got laid off. When we arrived at the park we noticed a sign. I had to take a picture.

I wonder if any specific group of people are being singled out with that sign. Probably not. I remember having a Pinata at every birthday party I've ever been to. Or maybe, actually, I don't. I could see "no alcohol" or "no fireworks". "No nudity" maybe. But pinata's? Come on now.

There was also a skate park right next to the entrance. And it was packed with kids. We were wondering who takes liability when someone breaks a bone, or their face. All of the ramps were metal. It was cute when the kids showed up bumpin Shimmy Shimmy Ya in their mom's SUV. And it was even cuter when W1 started singing along. But I can't say much, it's on my iPod too.

I was very excited when I started to blog. Apparently I can make a difference. (Okay, it probably wasn't my post that did it but I am still going to pretend it was.) One of my earlier gripes was about spell check always saying the word "okay" was misspelled. (Last Paragraph. Thanks to W1 for finding the post.) Well it appears they finally fixed it. They did not give me the ugly red underlined misspelled word thingie this time. Sweet.

Other than that things are well. For now. Although they are now forecasting Ike to come our way. Whatever, it is what it is. Maybe I can take some footage like Jeffie Pants. I'm sorry but that's just funny. ***"Jim Cantore is an elusive bastard".

*** Hurricane Gustav Update 2 From Jeffie-Pants


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Stalker v1.5 said...

I <3 Jeffie-Pants.

And you too. ;)

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Major Dad said...

That shit is great. It's like a drunk Bobby Hebert commentating on Gustav. I wish I could fine more after the fifth one. As we know, Houma got trashed. Hope he made out okay!! (heh.heh. I wrote okay!!!)


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