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Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's almost over.

The longest week ever. But at least Coworker S has been on vacation all week. It has been a much more pleasant environment. And the sad part is, I've had other people mention it to me this week.

Last weekend we went to NOLA to visit for the 4th. And our arterial motive. To pick up my pig. I missed her so much, and I can't rave enough about how much better the bike rides since Chuck "fixed her up". We went for a long ride to Ponchatoula and had lunch and delicious daquaris at a place called "Paul's Cafe".

Driving in Friday took a lot longer than usual, but it was such a fun weekend it was well worth it. We left at 11:00 AM and got in around 8:30 PM. Vidor TX got us good. There was crap all over both sides of I-10 from an 18 wheeler getting in a wreck. And that wasn't the only wreck on that trip. The minivan was after we got into Louisiana.

We made it home Sunday night and I was a little tired and not thinking. So as I was backing the bike up to unload it out of the truck it leaned away from me and fell over. At least it was in the bed of the truck and didn't just fall out onto the ground. One of the things Big J did before selling me the bike was get it painted Lexus IS300 Gray. And W1 being the wonderful wife she is called the local Lexus dealer and went over after work to pick up the perfectly matched touch up paint. I love ya baby!

Once we got back to our newly gated community the fun began. They told W1 that I was not on the lease and could not have a remote to get in the gate until Monday (July 7th). No big deal since they weren't working yet. Until yesterday. When I got home the gate was closed and W1 had to walk out there to let me in. She called when I was up the street and met me there. Once again, I love ya baby! So today she called them to see about purchasing a 2nd remote. She was informed that they had run out, and all the people whose names were on the leases didn't have one yet. But that didn't stop them from locking these people out of their houses. So now the earliest I'm looking at getting one is next Wednesday. Lucky me.

Speaking of the stupid gate, where did these people grow up that have never been through an automatic gate before? We went to pick up dinner last night and it was the first time the gate was active. We pulled up to the exit behind some lady in an SUV. She pulls about 10 feet back from the gate and starts to press her remote. She had her windows up and seemed oblivious to any of her surroundings. She was pressing it repeatedly since we saw the entrance gate open and could hear the box beep over and over every time she pressed the buttons. Finally after baout a minute she starts to inch closer to the gate, still nothing. A little more and her wheels were about a foot from the sensor in the ground. (Yeah, the big box in the concrete that appeared after they closed each side for a day or two and tore up the street. Yep, the one that looks exactly like 90% of the stop lights in Houston.) At this point she gives up and throws it in reverse. W1 immediately hanks and when she looks back to give us a dirty look, she sees both of us frantically motioning for her to pull forward. She finally does and magically the gate opens. She then sped off without even having the courtesy to thank us for showing her how this new fangled technology works. Some people, I swear!


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Some people? Hmpft, ALL people baby. All people!

Oh, and you're welcome. Twice.


"Isn't she special." "Can you say, SAAATTAN!!!"

P.S. I will be there on the 25th at about 10P.M. If someone doesn't open the gate, I got something for its ass!!!!!


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