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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's funny to me...

Hopefully I can make you all laugh with at least one of these things. I will start with my new Blog picture. I was getting on the elevator to head downstairs (That's right I used elevator and stairs together) and I noticed a stack of pallets sitting on the floor. One of them had H1 burned into the side of it. When i got downstairs I asked Coworker R if the camera was in the lab (it comes and goes) and he said it was. So when I returned to the lab I noticed they were still there. I grabbed the camera and rushed back to get a picture. And I'm glad I did because 20 minutes later there were 10 more pallets stacked in front of the H1 pallet. I would have missed my shot. When I came back in the lab, I pulled out the memory card to upload the picture to my computer. While this was going on, two other guys came in the other lab door and one of them said "Whoa, this is strange, I put it right there." Yep, they were standing where I had just picked up the camera from. So then I had to explain the whole "H1" thing.

Yesterday I was chatting with my boss. He has two main interests outside of work. Birds and Golf. He loves to bird watch. His ring tone on his cell phone is a bird chirping. I mean this guy loves birds. So I informed him that my parents had three birds. (Yes I was kissing ass, so what?) I asked him if he owned any birds and he responded "I don't believe in caging animals. I just like to watch them in their natural environment." In an attempt to pull my foot out of my mouth I quickly responded "So, what do you know about this golf thing?" It made him chuckle. I think it was obvious I was trying to back paddle.

W1 took the day off to hang out with Ian on his last day of freedom before the rest of his family arrived. What do you think they did today? Went to the go cart track? No. Dave and Busters? No. Anything else a teenager on summer vacation would enjoy? You tell me. She took him to a museum. That's right, ruin summer vacation with an educational trip to the museum. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think she's going to give him a pop quiz on the Periodic Table when they get back. Okay, I'm only kidding. I'm sure they had fun. I know they were headed into the Imax when I last spoke with her.

Final laugh. Coworker S has a boss we will call Coworker J. There is an autistic guy who works here and basically rides the elevators all day. I see him around all the time and I'm pretty sure he works in the mail room. Apparently he has worked here for many many years. Coworker J said about 10 years ago he got in the elevator with the autistic guy and jokingly asked him if he was going to the 9th floor. The guy started yelling at him, screaming about how there were only 8 floors!!! Fast forward to last Monday. Coworker J gets in the elevator on the 1st floor and presses 8. The autistic guy also got in the elevator behind him and presses 5, 6, and 7. The door opens on 5 and he walks off, leaving Coworker J to sit in the elevator stopping on every floor. After 10 years he finally got him back. You see, patience always pays off.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Patti said...

cool pic! and the museum? fun!!!!!

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Louisiana Rose said...

Let your boss know that we take the birds out every day! (ok, maybe not EVERY day, but they don't just sit in the cage. They get LOTS of attention, and Gumbo certainly lets us know when it's lacking!


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