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Sunday, May 04, 2008

That's just fancy talk for "sexified". *

We got our cell bill. It was outrageous. I can't believe how much we talk. I felt like the guy in one of those commercials scrutinizing over the charges. What I have discovered, is that trying to save $10 cost us an extra $120. (I did the math, it was not pretty.) So I went ahead and paid the $10 for the plan with 500 more minutes. (We went almost 300 minutes over.)

Speaking of spending money, I ordered my brakes for the bike, and a few goodies. Carbon fiber front blinkers, and carbon fiber levers. Nothin like puttin lipstick on a pig. (Just kidding, I really do love my 2 wheeled tank.)

Last week was quite interesting, on Thursday I drove the truck in, so I could bring home any of my personal items from the old lab. When I pulled in the parking garage, the engine was ticking like crazy. I called W1 freaking out and she calmly told me "It is what it is." and to check the oil. I was 3.5 quarts low. (The truck holds 4 quarts.) I just had an oil change a few months ago and I park in the same spot. I have never noticed an oil leak or any burning. (Thanks to the old Mazda, I am familiar with the blue smoke that comes from burning oil.) My only guess is that they didn't refill the oil last time I had it changed. Of course, now I'm carrying around a quart of oil and checking it constantly just to be safe. Thanks guys, I needed something else to be paranoid about. I don't stress enough on my own. (End sarcasm). I think I'll be taking it elsewhere for my next oil change.

I'm starting in a new lab tomorrow. And I'm definitely more than just a little nervous. It should be fun though. Change is a good thing. (And I don't mind the change in pay rate either.) I'm supposed to test webcams, wireless mice, and digital TV. Doesn't sound like a bad gig to me. And it's all testing on laptops.

In my old lab I kept my old digital camera in my desk. If I had any errors that needed pictures I would just use my old camera. (The boss had one for us to use, but if he was gone for the day or anything like that we were shit outta luck.) I doubt I'll need it in my new lab and decided I should carry it around with me in the truck. I see so many crazy things on a daily basis, I am constantly wishing I had my camera with me. Well now I will. (Of course this means nothing crazy will ever happen again.)

And again on the money spending. I have so many goodies I now MUST have for the truck. Everything from Vortex Air Intakes, K+N Air Filters, and "The Juice Box" (which from what I understand is basically a Power Commander for cars / trucks.) But I won't indulge in these items. Ebay is the devil and should be avoided at all cost. (Unless I REALLY need something.)

* Peter Griffin


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous chia said...

And we ALWAYS REALLY NEED something!!! 'Cause we're guys, that's why! The more gadgets the better.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Patti said...

I hate to admit it, but us girls need "stuff" too. I'm glad you're finally starting your new job!


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