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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good times were had by all.*

Like it says in the title, we had an amazing weekend. We both had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Thank you all for the gifts, the food, the company, the shelter, and anything else I left out. My family rocks! We love and miss you already!

The drive home was not bad. W1 drove most of the way and I relaxed. Towards the very end (like inside the belt before hitting 610) a car and a truck flew past us in the left lane. The truck was riding the cars rear bumper and they had to be going 90-100. I have no problem with speeding (obviously) but tailgating someone that close at those speeds is just stupid. I don't know if they were playing games or what. I can, however, tell you how that game played out. It was less than 2 minutes later when we saw the truck again. This time it's back end was smashed into the left guard rail, both sides were scraped up, the windshield was busted, and the front end was crunched with smoke / steam pouring out from under the hood. My only guess is the car got tired of the game and "brake checked" the truck. The truck in turn failed.

Then as a bonus they shut down I-10 right inside of the 610 loop. I exited and took a left thinking we'd just turn on the GPS and go from there. Instead a few blocks down we ran into Memorial Park. We knew right where we were. It's a nice windy back road to our apartment. We sometimes take that way on the bike on the weekends when we just want to ride but have no place in particular to go. So it was pretty peaceful the rest of the way.

On the subject of cars and / or driving, I was thinking of something that happened about a year ago. W1 and I both love Arby's. One of the great things with our apartment location is that anything you can think of is right there. Everything except Arby's. (Although they are building one next to the Chick-Fil-A as we speak, or I write. Whatever!) Anyways, a while back we were heading to the closest one we could find. W1 was driving. As we got to the street we had to make a left onto it. Unfortunately there was a "No left turn" sign. Before I could even say anything W1 went through the intersection and made a left into a gas station on the corner. She cut through the gas station and was going to pull out onto the road. Right as I started chewing her ass about how and why that was illegal and unsafe, I noticed a cop was backed in behind the building. He pulled out like he was going to pull us over, saw I was chewing her ass, and backed into his spot again. It makes me laugh thinking what was on his mind. Most likely he was going to chew her ass and let her off with a warning, so I guess since I took care of that for him we were good to go.

*Monty Python


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

I still have bruises from that ass chewing!! hehe But when you right, you right love.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Glad you had a good time. Miss you guys already.


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