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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life's a garden... Dig it!

Long time no type. Yeah, I know, I know. It's been a while, but we all realize this. Oh well, deal with it.

So, what has been going on? Rain, and lots of it. I didn't get to ride to work at all last week, and this week is looking to be about the same. One thing I noticed about our apartment in Houston, if you spit too hard the power spikes. Just the slightest drop of rain and you can expect a power spike. Our computer equipment is not a big fan of this. I am finding out rather quickly.

Well, I'm at work installing software for yet more testing. My boss is off this week. I spent all day yesterday and half of today trying to get a benchmark test to run. I asked other testers if they had the same issues that I've had. They gave me some pointers and none of them worked. So today I tried old faithful. Google. And to my surprise I got the info I needed. The benchmark program I was trying to run, will NOT run on Vista 64. Nice piece of info there. I went ahead and sent out an email to all the testers informing them of this. So they don't waste a bunch of time like I just did. The best part is, my boss is out of town. So, no matter what the excuse, it will look like I just wasted a day and a half screwing off. Nice. The only consolation is he comes back next Monday, but I will be in NOLA.

That's right. It was supposed to be a surprise but didn't really work out that way. If things go as planned I will load the bike in the truck Thursday night, then drive to work Friday. When I get home we will load up suitcases etc... And be off for a long weekend in NOLA. We are coming back on Tuesday, so it should be nicer than the usual "show up at 2:00 am Saturday morning, and head out some time Sunday". It's been a while since we've visited and I'm really looking forward to it. Plus I'm bringing the bike, so hopefully the rain doesn't follow us.

Other than that not a lot of things have been going on. Last weekend a co-worker gave us a La-Z-Boy recliner. It is oversized and awesome. It is extremely comfortable. That's right, he gave us a recliner, and an exercise bike. Can you guess which one will get used more often? Come on, guess. I'll give you a hint. When we got to our apartment I backed the truck up to the dumpster. Guess which of these items never made it in the house. Okay, last hint, there are pictures of me sitting in the living room on the recliner. But that was his deal, I could have the recliner but the exercise bike went with it. He didn't care if it was thrown away, as long as it wasn't in the dumpster at his complex. Apparently they have an issue with the type of trash you throw out. Our complex? Not so much. There is actually an old car battery that has been sitting next to the dumpster for months now.

I have also spent some time playing F.E.A.R.. This game is awesome. A really good time waster that I recommend to those who do not scare easily. It's not super scary, but they have creatures that attack and blur to invisible. They get the heart racing. It's hard to explain, you just have to get the game. I have a few others I'm waiting to play, but I don't want to quit this one.

P.S. The post title comes from Joe Dirt if you didn't already know. Mmmmmm Jaime Pressly...


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

She'll buff out ...

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous SSSPPPIIINNNEEEYYY!!! said...

Cant wait to see you guys. Gotta work Saturday day, but I'll be home around 7PM. Still lookin' for a babysitter, but we'll figure it out. MAybe Deans bitch whinin' ass!!!

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Your title cracks me up - everytime I see it it's totally you!


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