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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I'm not going to give myself diabetes just because this coffee sucks."

That was the comment my replacement made a few days ago, and I felt it was noteworthy.

Speaking of my replacement, once again my boss gets the short end of the stick. Coworker R has moved on to another group. You know the drill. Follow the money. So my replacement from my old job (Coworker V) is now doing Coworker R's job. Coworker V's replacement has not arrived. He was supposed to start Monday but there is an issue with the background investigation. And since this is Coworker V's friend, V has got to be shitting himself. He said it has something to do with the guy having a top secret clearance at a previous job, although I would image that would do everything but hold up his current background investigation. But that's just me. In the meantime my original job position is unfilled, again, and my boss doesn't have anyone to test his stuff, again. Sucks to be him I guess.

To top it all off, Coworker V is going to Taiwan for a week and a half to be trained on his job. While he is gone, guess who gets to cover for him. That's right, this guy! So not only are we short 2 guys (1 being a new hire who will need to be trained. I wonder who is going to have to train him how to do the job I use to do.) I get to do my normal job, train a new guy, and manage the servers.

Speaking of work I must be setting my sights towards management. I found myself wondering how messed up it would be to fire someone by recorded message. Hear me out.

Johnny gets an e-vite to a conference call regarding some new product. He's all psyched because he's heard rumors about this badass product coming out, and he's gonna be on the team. He dials in and puts in an access code only to hear "If you have been directed to dial this number, your services are no longer needed at "insert company". Please gather your belongings and someone will arrive shortly to walk you off property." Saves the trouble of having to face the person getting fired.

Yeah, I agree. That's pretty messed up. I believe you may see that person at work again, wearing camouflage. I'm just saying.


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