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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Attention Residents:

"You suck and we hate you! Please leave our crappy complex. We've been doing everything we can to make you hate us. So once again bend over."

That's pretty much what our apartment complex must be saying. It's like rapid fire inconveniences. This is the note that arrived on everyone's door Friday when they returned from work.

I mean come on. When we moved in we were told we couldn't have a charcoal grill and a gas one was required for safety reasons. So we dropped $150-200 on a propane grill and tank, only to be told now we can't even leave it on the patio whether "dormant or in use".

I'm supposed to get rid of the grill? The grill that kept me fed for WEEKS after Hurricane Ike when I had no power. While the staff sit at the sister complex in the AC and I heated hot dogs and beans every night for sustenance. The grill that I use 3-5 times a week. Kiss my entire ass.

I think next week they are going to limit the hours we are actually allowed to spend inside of our apartments each week. I'm pretty sure I've heard rumors.

Well, I better run. I have chicken and sausage to flip.

(Side note, as I opened the grill to pull the food off we ran out of propane. Excellent timing.)


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Patti said...

That's ridiculous! Fight the power!!

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let "the Man" keep you down... Wait... H2 is "the Man"!! Scary, huh?

w/v = "inglyp" as in "No hablo Inglyp"???

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Major Dad said...

Hey, Man. Me and Dean are coming down and we're gonna have a "cook off". We'll all go to jail to help you fight the man!!!! I finally get a H boy to cook and they tell him he can't. Absolutely Not!!!!

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Louisiana Rose said...

Inside apt????? They ARE crazy!!


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