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Friday, April 17, 2009

Receipt available inside.

What's the point of paying at the pump, if I have to go inside for the receipt?

I was highly amused at the grocery store today. We were standing in front of the insect killers, bug spray, flea foggers, etc... when a huge fly lands on the shelf. It just doesn't say much for those products.

I saved a few bucks doing the brakes on the car and truck myself. I was proud. Except, taking the tires off the truck I discovered I needed to replace all four of them. To quote W1 "It is what it is.". On a good note I have tires that grip properly, and I won't have to put air in the front tire every other week.

It is now Saturday and we went to Wally World. Last week we were planning on steaming some veggies and forgot to put water in the pot. After about 10 minutes we realized we had just ruined our pot. So while we were there I got more pot. This thing is awesome. It has steamer basket, noodle colander, etc all built in. Sweet. Oddly enough it is not listed on Wal-Mart's site, but it was $50. The manufacturer's site lists it as $145.95. I guess we got a deal.

Still not smoking. I miss it sometimes but it has become a lot easier to ignore the cravings. I have put on a few pounds though, I ain't gonna lie. Oh well, once again "it is what it is". Work keeps me busy though so I'm not thinking about it so much. The down side is it has been so busy I don't have time to read the news, or surf the web. The nerve of these people expecting me to work at work.

It stormed most of the day, but died down right around the time we headed out. Lotta crazies out there. Like the guy at Wal Mart with my shopping cart. Last time we went there were none inside so we had to search in the parking lot. As we were walking across there were 2 by the door. A lady with a kid came out of nowhere and grabbed one. I picked up the pace and snatched the other. It was then that I realized how badass my cart was. This thing was intimidating. It had seating for 2 unruly children in the front. When I rounded the corner people got out of the way. So I had to laugh when I saw a little bitty dude pushing it around today.

Well, that's gonna have to do it for now.


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Stalker v1.5 said...

Your cart was total badass!

At 9:14 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Maybe next time you can put Molly in it!!!


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