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Sunday, February 01, 2009

"If I only could I'd set the world on fire"*

How have things been you ask? Hectic. Insanely hectic!

Once again I have been ticketed. Once again on the beltway. Apparently the $7.50 I pay every day to go to work isn't enough. This time it was 80 in a 65 and no insurance. The kicker is I have insurance, and I had the card on me. It was 9 in the PM and there was little traffic. I saw a car coming up on me pretty fast so I turned on my blinker (see I can learn) to get out of the way. Little did I know it was a police car who immediately lit me up. I had 2 expired insurance cards, and the current one looked different. So as I dug through my wallet in the dark I was looking for a paper, not a card. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the error. But by then it was too late. "It was better to just smile and call the lawyer."**

Coworker S left over the holidays to take a different job. In the interim I was covering his duties. Shortly afterward I was informed the position was open, and was a permanent full time position. (Vacation, Sick time, 401K, etc...) I applied for the position and got the job. So I am no longer a contractor. For the first time in my life I am Corporate America guy. One thing that I find odd and disturbing is the way I'm treated. I got my "white badge" last Monday and I have noticed more people saying hello and / or returning my hello in the hallways. It's kind of messed up if you ask me.

So I went "perm" Monday and around lunchtime Tuesday everything went down hill. My email and network login were deactivated. The reason for this was my contract status had been terminated. What this meant was all the things I spent the last 3 weeks setting up to do my job, using my old account information were gone. They gave me a new email address and network login which weren't associated with the sites I had to go to in order to get my job done.

Thursday morning as I was getting ready for work I told W1 heads were gonna roll today. I was sick of being unable to do my job, and I was stressing as I watched my workload continue to build up. I was prepared to head into work and use whatever pull I needed to, and chew whoevers ass I needed to in order to get everything straight. (I was also tired of the "Well, this should have been a seemless change over. You shouldn't have even noticed anything.".) I strolled into work only to find my new email address and network login had been deactivated. WHAT THE FUCK?

Around 4:30 Thursday the original email and login was reactivated. So I was able to do part of my job and start catching up on the 3 days worth of work that had backed up. Friday I went to do the hardest (or at least most confusing) part of my job and found out the website I have to go to locked me out due to account changes. So I'll be on the phone bright and early tomorrow morning.

One cool thing is I now have an office. My boss doesn't have an office, nor does his boss, but I have an office. Sweet. There was a guest chair in there but I put it in the lab. Whenever people come in to go over something that may take a while, I roll a chair in there. Then they laugh when I roll it back out after the meeting or whatever. My response. "I don't want people coming in here getting comfortable. I don't have time to chit chat and / or have company."

I have my turtle (courtesy of H2GF) and my Boba Fett (courtesy of Kenellie) sitting on my desk. I took a picture but it is on my computer at work. If I find the time I will add it later.

I have not played my Star Wars game this weekend. It pissed me off. The entire time I have been flirting with one of the characters and they finally kissed. Shortly afterward they came up with some crap about her endangering the mission and she had to stay on the ship while I checked out the planet. When we left the planet we were attacked and she was once again locked in a room and the game made me leave. During this time I also discovered that I was actually the head evil guy that they've been talking about through the whole game. So to recap, once again my girlfriend is gone and I find out I'm a dick. So pissed, I put down the controller for a while.

Also, we got a new dryer. On MLK day our dryer quit working. So Friday night I stayed up until 12:30 in the morning researcing dryers and reading customer reviews. I narrowed it down to 5 dryers from 3 different stores. By the time we hit the 3rd store we got an offer I couldn't refuse. I was all set to buy one I had picked out but they offered me a better one that had a small dent in the front for the price I was going to pay for the cheaper one. The one I was looking at was 5.8 cubic feet, the new one is 7 cubic feet. I don't think 3 loads of laundry would fill this thing. It's nice. Has a buzzer, inside light, the works. I have not gone back to read the reviews on it because I don't want to stress if the reviews are bad. As of right now I am very happy with our purchase, and I want to keep it that way.

Okay, maybe it's time I got over my grudge and jump back into my game.

* Insane Clown Posse - Fuck the world.
** Karen Hill - Goodfellas


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Major Dad said...

Welcome to Corporate America. Don't you know that nothing works in Corporate America. Even your dryer stopped working now that its corporate america!!!! Good to hear from ya, and know that it will get better. See ya soon (hopefully).


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