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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just gangsta!

Seriously. Stevie Wonder is just freakin awesome!!!

On another note, we quit smoking. Yes, I'm sure you already know but 7:15 tomorrow morning we will start day 14 of not smoking. It is no fun but it is okay. We are still getting cravings but they pass. One of the main cravings is food. I have eaten more grapes, pistachios and sunflower seeds than I care to remember. But no cigarettes.

That's when Satan's little helper arrived. They say you gain 10-20 lbs when you quit smoking, well these bastards ain't helping. (You can keep going but don't blame me if you gain weight from reading this post.) We were doing our regular grocery shopping when a woman appeared asking if we were full fledged card carrying members of this particular food establishment. We certainly were, and our reward came in the form of free desert.

These things are the greatest. I am going to gain so much weight now that I have discovered it only takes 30 seconds for me to have fresh baked cake. And 45 seconds for brownies. I'm not kidding, these things rule! Well worth it. And I can blme quitting smoking on the weight gain. Life is not as bad as it seems.


At 1:22 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Spending all your saved cigarette money on Betty Crocker? Awesome!


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