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Monday, December 22, 2008

Chuggin along.

Work has been crazy. I had a 40 hour a week job. My bosses' boss drug me onto another project that too a full 40. So I was slipping in my regular job when I could. Well, last Friday was coworker S' last day. So last Wednesday my boss asked if I could "handle coworker S' job in the interim". So now I have 3, count em, 3 - 40 hour a week jobs to handle during 1 - 40 hour week. That right there, that's nice.

W1 has been sick and I've been doing my best to take care of her. But I still have a tinge of sickness myself. I ran to the grocery today to get chicken soup, and discovered we have 93 points towards cookware. I'm waiting until we get 100 points so I can get the baking pan with tray.

I finally got the bike fixed. It only took 3 orders from 4 different places. (Okay, that math doesn't quite work out but I don't feel like explaining.) I got the parts put on and the weather turned to crap. It was in the 40's and wet. And since I was already sick I decided not to bother with it. I did bite the bullet last Friday and ride in. It was glorious.

I also braved Wal-Mart to pick up a stocking stuffer for W1. They were sold out at the one by my job, and at "her" Wal-Mart. But mine had them in stock so I was able to pick them up.

I am off work for 2 weeks and have settled in to a lot of GTA4 gaming. I am having a blast but it sure makes the time fly by. I wish W1 was feeling better so she can have some fun too. I guess until then I will do my best to take care of her, and play games while she sleeps.

Looking forward to our visit to NOLA. I can't wait to see everyone again. We love and miss you all.


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