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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keep on chooglin...

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was really great to see everyone, and I wish it could have been a longer visit. I would have blogged sooner but I have been enjoying my gifts. Thank you all!

It has been pretty quiet since I have been off of work. I got to go riding one day but of course I got rained on. Although I really didn't care, it was just nice to go ride. And the bike was filthy so the rain probably helped. It's been nice this week but I'm too busy rocking out and killing robots to make it outside.

Although I did make it to the grocery store. We finally got 100 points and I got my oven broiler thingie. Luckily I hit 100 because it was the last one (and the free pot program ends tomorrow). When I got in line the lady 2 people ahead of me had the other one. (They had 2 left when we went to the store yesterday.) Which brings me to the lady between us. On one of the endcaps (end caps?)... Well, anyways, on one of the endcaps, they have bags of foods with receipts that you can buy and give to the homeless, or something like that. The lady in front of me had one of those bags. And that was it. I was suprised and impressed. This lady came in for the sole purpose of buying food that goes straight to a poor family. And to top it off, she didn't even use a store card to get points towards anything. She definitely had holiday spirit.

I am looking forward to our visit from the S-Clan. I know Molly misses "My mine" and I miss her too. (And everyone else.) It's already starting out to be a good year.

I'm impressed with H2 also. He is going through some tough shit (I gotta curse every now and then. Reminds you that you're alive.) and I feel for him. But I know you're gonna make it. I heard you got the shoe thing down. Pretty sweet. My only fear is for them when you get pumped up and they try the different types of assault on ya. I want video of that shit. (Yeah, I said that shit again.)

And a note to ChiaPop: I had a good time chooglin with ya today. :)


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