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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another quick note.

Still no power. I was sent this link and was saddened to see that we seem to be right on the line of "Power up by Monday" and "Power up after Monday". I mean really, seriously? No es bueno!

On a better note though, we went out to eat at a really nice place a few miles away from the apartment last night. While we were out I sent a text to my stunter friend who was in the accident last year. Short story long, he was eating at a restaurant about 2 blocks away from us. We went by there and found out he moved into the apartment complex across the street from ours. He still has no power either. But he said they were going to do some stunts tonight at a place pretty close to our apartment. So when I get home we are going to grab some food and take the bike out that way to watch them for a bit. The weather has been great, and W1 has not been on the bike in a long time. (Sorry my love.) I think it will be nice to get out of the house , instead of sitting in the dark, and watch them cut up for a while. And believe me, they do cut up. Ha Ha Ha. Too bad there won't be any lights out there or I would film a bit.

Another co-worker got power back on Monday. I drove the truck in since he was kind enough to bring us a huge ice chest full of ice and bottled water. There are some good people over here I have to say.

The mayor said #1 "Hunker Down" and more recently #2 For people with power, share your refrigeration with people who don't. Since he's the one who told us not to evacuate in the first place, I wanna show up at his house with a sixer and toss it in his fridge. Then commence to dining on whatever he has in there. It was his idea for us to stay in the first place, right? Tell him I'll leave when my power is back. Or is he a "do as I say not as I do" sort of individual? I'll bet he is. JERKFACE!


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