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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'll admit it, I have a problem.

The problem isn't "washing the cars" even though we HAD to do the truck today. So yes, all 3 vehicles are clean. My problem is different. After we washed the truck we decided to go for a ride. We did our standard ride that took about 2-3 hours. About half way through we stopped at a gas station for a smoke and a water. As we were pulling in, a guy on a R6 was leaving. We parked around the side and waited on the bench.

About 3 minutes later the guy on the R6 returned and parked in the spot next to us. My first thought was "Damn, now we gotta talk to this guy". He got on his phone and we sat on a bench. When we were done, we walked over to get back on the bike. The guy with the R6 was just putting his gloves back on, and headed off. So then I thought "What? You're too good to talk to somebody?" He couldn't win, and I definitely have a problem. Ha Ha.

Once we got back I decided to lube the chain before parking the bike (I was too lazy to do it yesterday after we washed it). It was simple thanks to my amazing family. I used the wheel chock (Christmas present from ChiaParents) to sturdy the bike. Then I used the rear stand (Given to me by H2 on our last trip to NOLA) to jack the back wheel off the ground. Then it was just a matter of putting the bike in neutral and spinning the wheel while spraying. Easy as pie I tell ya!


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