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Thursday, March 06, 2008

*And since we've no place to go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

What a week! This has been one of the worst in a while, and it's not over yet. Although, work wise, it's almost over for me. We are heading to Dallas tomorrow for Tim and Kristen's wedding. I can't wait. It's going to be great to see a lot of people we haven't seen in a while. Plus, I will be able to check off Dallas as another city in Texas that we have finally visited. (Heads up Austin, you're next!) Now the news I got today was, it may actually snow in Dallas this weekend. What the Hell is that? This is Texas people, the south! Snow? Come on now!

This did remind me of being younger and visiting N.Y.. We were at Grandma H's house and we were sliding down the hill in the snow on those blue window treatment plastic things. Aunt L had bought little Tim and David a plastic red sled. She let us borrow it, and the 3 of us (Me, S1+o, and Aunt P) decided to ride down all at once. Short story long we destroyed their poor sled before they ever got a chance to use it. As a joke I wanted to pick one up for Tim and give it to him as a wedding gift. I never thought that he may actually be able to use it this weekend in Dallas. (Side note, I did not pick one up. You try to find a snow sled in Texas! Good luck with that.) But I still think it would have been funny. Maybe I'll do a toast at the wedding. "I know I totally destroyed your toy sled before you ever got to use it..."

I dropped my truck off to a friend of a friend to have my brakes looked at. I didn't want to get the "This guy doesn't know cars if he's not doing his own breaks, so lets tell him he needs lots of other stuff" deal. How wrong was I? Well, I found out I didn't need rear brakes. Apparently the guy I bought the truck from already changed them. Unfortunately, he apparently didn't know much about them either, because he put them back together wrong. So they never worked. (Bonus for me, I have new brakes now.) But because they were put together wrong the spring was worn out and had to be changed. Also the teeth on the mechanism that sets the parking brake wore out too, so I had to replace that whole assembly. All for the whopping price of $198 and some change. He then informed me my front pads had about 30% life left in them, and would need to be changed soon. He offered to do that for the low low price of $220. Now I'm not the most mechanically inclined person, but they are disk brakes. I can do them myself in 30 minutes top. And the pads (if I got the best quality they make) run about $30 a pair. That leads me to believe the labor on that 30 minute job is $160? But that would include "turning the rotors" (translation: half assing by shaving the rotors so they are even again) if necessary. But guess what? Yours truly had to replace the rotors on a previous car. The rotors were a whopping $25 BRAND NEW!

After leaving the shop I noticed the green neon on the driver side no longer lit up. I assumed they pulled the ground wire loose when removing the parking brake assembly. It's happened before, no biggie. So when I got home last night I grabbed my tools and headed out to fix it. That is when I discovered they shattered the bulb on it. SON OF A BITCH! I paid almost $200 to have you break more shit? Thanks for the hook up! Yeah, I'm usually pretty mellow, but you bet your ass I was on the phone with him today. He'll be replacing that!

Lastly, I was heading to work this morning. I wasn't on the road 5 minutes and noticed the car 1 lane over ahead of me had something hanging under it. It almost looked like a single wheel in the center of the car. I thought it was a little odd. Then I look to my right and see 4 guys fixing a fence. They start pointing and laughing at the car. At that point I had to speed up. I was doing the speed limit and not catching up so he was doing at least 35mph. I went up to 45mph and passed him. Sure enough, it was one of these. I started cracking up. He must have had that thing pegged 'cause he was doing about 40mph. When I stopped at the red light he pulled up in the turning lane to my left. I knew nobody would believe me so I whipped out my phone and snapped a picture. There's your proof people.



At 8:15 PM, Anonymous chia said...

I was on the phone with S-2 tonight. She's already in Dallas and it was snowing! It's supposed to be nice Saturday for the wedding, but I think sweaters and a coat are definitely in order!!

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Ahhh, good memories! cool car too! Y'all have fun (I'm not hatin')


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