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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The continuing saga...

As some of you may already know. My friend Erik got hit on his bike last Thursday. He broke his humerus, his knee is swollen, he has some road rash, and got about 20 stitches in his leg. He is a great rider, and it was unavoidable. When the accident happened, he was riding along on the highway with a group of people, and a guy to the left of him "decided he needed to pee, and shot over so he would make the exit" without bothering to look. Tomorrow morning he is having surgery on his arm to screw 2 metal plates into his humerus. Please keep him in your prayers.

As you also may know, we went to NOLA again last weekend. It was a nice visit, but definitely a hectic one. We did get to visit with everyone, but once again it wasn't long enough. We actually flew in for W1's Company Christmas Party. (Er, I mean holiday.) It was at Commander's Palace. The food was good, even though they put onions in everything. Soup, salad, steak, and I'm pretty sure I even tasted an onion in the Bread Pudding (okay, that was an exaggeration). But it was a really good time. Afterwards we went to the Old Pointe Bar. It was a lot of fun hanging out, and seeing people we had not seen in a while.

Unfortunately I was feeling a little Ill last Thursday and the plane ride didn't help. Neither did the one coming back to Houston. I toughed it out and went to work yesterday. And I should have known better. I forgot my badge, so I had to get a temporary. So as luck would have it, their printer was down, and I was behind a group of about 15 visitors. 30 minutes later I finally got to my desk. The day went along okay, until I went out for a break around 6:30. Apparently they canceled my temporary access at 6:00. After tracking down the 1 person with access who was still there, I decided to call it a day. When I got home, W1 and I went out for a nice Birthday dinner at Chili's.

This morning I felt like crap so I stayed home. I went back to sleep and around 1:00 W1 came home and brought me soup and crackers, and a shit ton of medicine. She is so fawesome. After she headed back to work I decided to try one of my presents. She got me "God of War" which I played until she came home. Even though the game is like 10 years old, it's new to me. Ha ha.

The rest of the night I have spent watching "Most Shocking: High Speed Chases 3" (it was on Court TV) and blabbering to you people. So now I guess it's, back to bed.


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous chia said...

That's too bad... breaking his humerus is no laughing matter (humerus, humorous... get it?) Really, it just shows how alert you really must be to try to avoid just such an occurance. I hope you're feeling better soon, but enjoy the game. When you get Guitar Hero, practice, practice, practice!!!

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous chia said...

By the way, you need to update your profile... you aren't 35 anymore.

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous chia said...

Good job!!

At 8:19 AM, Anonymous louisiana rose said...

I think he reached the point he can pick his age. And hey! He's getting a little too close to 40 for me!!!!!!


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