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Sunday, December 02, 2007

*You may be right, I may be crazy...

Well lucky readers, W1 has found "Little House on the Prairie" so you get a post.

I was thinking, as long as I'm on a complaining roll, what is with people who can't do their jobs? We have been having issues with some of the new test machines at work. So temporarily we have people working in our area from the manufacturer. For whatever reason, they need to connect to the Internet via our cable modem. They just can't connect through any of our other 5 internal networks. It has to be a cable modem.

In their offices, then needed to be wirelessly connected (because they can't figure out our "standard" switch panel?). Being the intelligent individuals they are, the hooked up the wireless router incorrectly. Yes, a basic wireless router. The exact same kind millions of people use in their homes every day. The antics that ensued were glorious. You see, we use the cable modem for particular tests at work, but those tests are few and far between. However, a couple of co-workers use this available tool, to play "World of Warcraft" throughout the day. Along with "Eve Online" etc... And the way they hooked up the router, all of the local connections were lost. Which means, no games.

After my co-worker, and the manufacturer guy, took turns changing the connection and effectively "bumping" each other off the Internet, I got to sit back and watch. MG states that if he can't connect, he can't work. And they are here for very important reasons. Then CW gets buck, stating his job is just as important as MG's. This occured at the end of the day Wednesday, and both parties eventually left for the day.

Thursday morning, it starts over again. I explained to my boss, what the issue was and how to correct it. So he told me to get with them and get it working. By this time, they had called in a Network Guru from upstairs. I informed him that it's a basic home setup, and told him how I would have connected it. To which he responded "That won't work because WAN and NAT and blah blah blah..." So I let it go, I mean, he OBVIOUSLY knows what he was talking about. He used big words, and acronyms. And who am I to tell him how to do his job? (Information to the reader: That is the first sign of an "I read a book technician". The worst kind. Just because you can read something, and retain the answer long enough to parrot it back on a test, doesn't mean you have the slightest grasp on how things work. They are easy to recognize. When they come into your office for "routine maintenance" (this is usually when your old working equipment bites the dust) or to repair something, you ask them a question. Instead of a simple answer, or just jumping right on your system and fixing it, they spew a bunch of info and acronyms at you. Then when they are gone, you are still in the same boat. See, at that very moment, you witnessed an "I read a book technician". In it's native environment.) And yes, I am guilty of spewing out a lot of confusing info, but as long as I'm fixing the issue, no harm done. Other than forcing the person to listen. We'll call that tax.

Back on track. Friday morning and all is still not well. This is basic stuff people. I did the exact same setup at Chia's house 6 years ago. This isn't some new technology. When I returned from lunch they (Network Guru, Manufacturer Guy, our local employees) were still there. By now they had decided the issue was our server. Yeah, the one that has worked fine for the two years I've been there, and countless years before that. (Just a note, if a piece of computer equipment works great for years, then someone goes in there changing settings and connections, and it quits working. Then you are told the equipment needs to be replaced. Fire that person. They are obviously an idiot, and should have left well enough alone.) So they all ran off. I used this time to set everything up the way i originally told them days earlier and all was up and running. When they returned with handfuls of equipment, I got to inform them everything was working. And when they asked, I didn't give them a simple answer. I told them each and every step I did. Which consequently, they had already heard. The first time I told them to do it that way.

In the end, my boss sent an email to his bosses, glorifying me, and telling them how a standard "tester' was able to fix the network problem their "Guru" couldn't fix in 3 days. But I still hate telling people how to do their jobs. It just upsets me because they didn't listen if the first place. They should have, I mean, after all, I am special.

*Billy Joel - You may be right.


At 8:45 PM, Blogger Patti said...

That's my bro!!! Love it!!!

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Louisiana Rose said...

1. You ARE special!!
2. Was Little House lost??


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