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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who Dat!

13-0. Go Saints!

We were on the plane heading back to Houston so the last I saw it was 16 - 6 in our favor with about 7 seconds left in the half. When we landed H2 texted me to tell me the game had ended and we were still undefeated. Nice work boys!

As we drove away from the airport we got behind a truck and had to take a picture. Someone wrote some graffiti in the dirt on the back of the truck. Looks like they're feeling the fever here in Houston as well.

I guess on Sundays at the airport the workers are allowed to wear their favorite teams jerseys because we saw a lot of them. Even the lady at the lost baggage claim desk had on a Saints Jersey. Guess what we were doing there. Reporting our lost luggage maybe?

It seems to me that every time I try to look out for others and do nice things for others I end up getting screwed over. I have decided I am done with that. Screw you world, you're on your own.

On the flight to New Orleans the plane was full. There was an older couple who had to check their bags at the last minute because all of the overhead bins were full. We were on a tiny plane. So after we did the majority of our Christmas shopping yesterday, and got poured on walking back to the hotel, we bought an extra bag to bring it all home. On the way to the airport I decided even though it was definitely carry on size, the nice thing to do would be to check it. Especially since we were already checking 2 other bags. Hannah and I discussed it back and forth and I was pretty adamant about doing the nice thing. Of course, this time most of the overhead bins were empty and there would have been plenty of room.

As we were sitting on the plane I looked out the window and saw our suitcase being loaded into the plane, and then the garment bag was right behind it. I pointed them out to Hannah and stated "They must have already loaded the other bag before I started looking out the window". (Or not.) So imagine how excited I was when our garment bag was the first thing on the carousel at baggage claim, followed shortly by the suitcase. That joy did not last long and the stress level started rising more and more as the new bag we just bought, that was full of presents, that we just bought, never showed up. Eventually the carousel stopped and our new bag was nowhere to be found. I believe that was when I just yelled "Fuck!"

So we went to report the missing baggage and the lady told us not to worry, that they would find it. We got to the parking lot and looked at the form they gave us, only to discover the name on the "claim form" wasn't ours. They gave us someone else's lost luggage form. They are definitely not instilling a lot of faith in me. So we headed back in and got "our" form.

They called us about 2 hours ago and said they found it, and a courier would get in touch with us and deliver it between 6 and 9 tonight. I still have not heard from said courier and the way things have been going I'll believe it when I see it. As an added bonus, Hannah's phone was also in that bag. How nice is that?


At 7:22 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Just another life lesson baby - no more, no less.

Did someone say Saints Nation?? WHO DAT!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Oh my Gawd!!! I hope you've gotten the bag by now...


At 10:37 PM, Blogger H1 said...

They're dropping it off tomorrow at her office. And we just realized our toothbrushes are in the side pocket. Grrrr.


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