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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Love that chicken...

Hey I-Buddy, sorry about the leg / ankle. That sucks!!!

I just saw a Popeye's commercial and it said "Louisiana Fast". Am I the only one amused by these 2 words together?

Friday was strange, it started out fun, I got to act up. It kinda sucked as the day moved on. But the weekend was nice. And I just found out there is a Beatles Rock Band coming out, so things can only get better.

I headed to work Friday morning, same as usual. I was happy that the weekend was almost in my grasp. I head out of the apartment complex and immediately hit bumper to bumper traffic. I remembered the day before I noticed construction so I immediately u-turned to take my original route. (After 3 plus years you learn a few ways to your job.) I end up in the turning lane for Briar Forest when I see someone out of the corner of my eye.

Houston is a little different than New Orleans in the sense that on every other corner there is someone looking for change of wanting to clean your windshield.

So I act like I don't see this guy, in typical Houston fashion. But he is persistent. He asks me if I'm heading to the belt. I tell him "No" (even though I was, I don't know you). He then asks "Are you heading up Briar Forest?". Naw, I'm in the turning lane to cut people off at the last second and go straight and ruin everyone's Friday! Okay actually my response was "Huh? That's your business because?". At this point he started to get shitty. (And that's makes me want to do you a favor even more.) He says "I was just gonna jump in the back of your truck for a ride, what's your problem?". I told him I did not feel comfortable with that, and that it was not safe. At this point traffic moved and so did I.

I made it almsot all of the way to work. I was on 249 when I was coming up on a work van. The kind that has a cage separating the back from the 2 front seats. The van was doing about 55, me, 70. As I was pulling up on the van I saw a guy in the back staring at me. As I got closer, I realized he was inded staring at me. WTF dude? Quit staring at me! So as i got close to the van I made a silly face and shot him the bird. Yeah, that's right! Quit staring at me, you!

Once I got to work things looked like they were going well. Some systems I was having problems with worked, and it was Friday. That was until about 9:30 am when my big boss informed me they were letting one of our tech's go. Not my choice out of the three. Actually, my last choice out of the three. But they don't consult me on these decisions, so whatever. But they didn't have to inform me two hours before it happened. So I had to look him in the face two hours before he was unexpededly fired. Not a good feeling I tell you.

We also went to Wally World yesterday and I got my badass cart again. This time, I took a picture. See, I don't care, at Walmart your cart needs to be something badass! You can't just roll up in that joint average, represent people! Come on!


At 7:42 AM, Blogger Stalker v1.5 said...

Beatles Rock Band = WANT!

And so proud of you for making faces and flipping that a-hole off!!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Patti said...

Beatles Rock Band, cool. Louisiana fast = honest politician
Some guy wanted to jump into your truck? Holy cow!!?

Nice cart - 'round here that's known as a "double-wide".


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