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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sometimes I just don't think. Seriously.

So W1 and I are heading to the grocery store. I decide we should take the truck just to switch it up. So we hop in and head to Randalls. When we start to pull away I notice I have about 1/8 of a tank of gas left. Before we took the truck to go to the store I was thinking I would try to make it to work and fill up there. We decided that wasn't in my best interest. Can you imagine it? I called in late Friday because i ran out of gas on the bike. Then Monday morning I call in late with the exact same excuse. They would be sooooo unimpressed.

Yesterday we went for a ride to Stubbs Cycles. They were having a stunt show so we decided to check it out. I ran across this bike in the parking lot. It's a 1994 F2. Gives me ideas of what to do with the F3. Okay, maybe not. There were some pretty cool stunts all in all. Some with repercussions. Ha ha ha. Okay, that was actually on purpose. Must have had a new tire on order.


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous chia said...

So when are you going to check out the prices at a Houston Honda, to compare with Al Lamb's Dallas Honda?

Inquiring minds want to know!!

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous SSSPPPIIINNNEEEYYY!!! said...

In the most sexist of statements, if you run out of gas twice, I will forward the cash for the operation, cuz you are a straight up girl!!!

Love Ya


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