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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And one for you!

Sorry it’s been so long, I wanted to teach Kenny a lesson. Yeah, that was it. See Kenny, how does it feel to check someone’s blog every day and see they haven’t updated? Um, yeah, that was it. I sure showed him.

Where to begin… Work has been insane for the last 2 weeks. I finally got on a new project this week, only to be pulled back to the bad one to retest a few things.

All in all things have been going well. We had a great visit to New Orleans last weekend and had fun with everyone. And a little note for Chia, the food at Deanie’s is great, but the service does suck. And that was before the storm. And let me stress how bad it sucks. It really does. These people act like they are being forced to serve you food, and treat the customers like crap. But wow, really good seafood. However, I thoroughly enjoyed NOFS! I just wanted some seafood cooked the way it should be. And I was able to get an abundance of it. Throughout the whole visit, actually. Although I probably clogged a few arteries, it was well worth it. God I miss that food. One thing they don’t have down in Texas is properly cooked seafood. I’ve been spoiled living in Louisiana for so long.

Saturday night we went out in a group. Almost a gang. I think we had The Warriors outnumbered. Pam was kind enough to take some pictures, but I’m too lazy to post them right now. (At least I’m honest.) We started out at The Old Point Bar. And it was so nice to be back. It just felt familiar. Not to go into the whole “Cheers” cliché, but it is nice when everybody knows your name. After a few hours we headed downtown. Once we arrived downtown, we did the Molly’s tour I guess. We went to Molly’s on Decatur (That looks like I spelled it wrong.), then headed up Bourbon. We ended up at Molly’s on Toulouse. Both really cool bars. I love the Juke Box at Molly’s on Toulouse.

Jumping around to keep things interesting, the drive in Friday was definitely interesting as always. We were making good time, until other people on the road did what other people on the road do. So, somewhere near the Opelousas exit traffic came to a halt. Apparently someone zigged when they should have zagged. Result, carnage. Ok, not quite that bad, but interesting to look at. Enough to make me regret packing the suitcase with the camera in the back of the car. A white pickup truck hit an 18 wheeler so hard, it knocked the 2 back axles off. By the time we got there the 18 wheeler was driving up the shoulder dragging it’s trailer along the ground. A third car was involved but it was smashed beyond recognition. Once again I was glad we had just stopped for gas. Had we waited we would have 1) Been in the accident, or 2) ran out of gas sitting in traffic.

What was that? Looks like I’ve jumped again. This morning W1 woke up feeling terrible. And no, we did not go out drinking last night. I didn’t feel all that great either, mainly exhausted. We both decided we probably needed a few more hours of sleep. We called in, and decided to try resting. Around noon I woke up and felt a bit better. W1 on the other hand was still feeling like crap. I went out and got her sinus medicine, and basically put her back to sleep. Once she was out, I felt rather motivated. I went ahead and installed her headlights. The headlights I tried to get her for Christmas, which gave me nothing but headaches, had been once again ordered. And after more issues, they finally arrived last Thursday. The day before our NOLA trip. It really didn’t take that long, and they look great. Next stop, rims! Ha ha ha.

Ok kids, I guess that’s it for tonight. New South Park and you know I’m an addict.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you baby. They look awesome!

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Patti said...

"Installed her headlights", hmmm? While she was sick? That Dr. was right, you really are a monster!!


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