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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Thursday night we were watching TV and the power flickered, then went out. Woo hoo! After about 15 minutes when it didn't come back on, W1 went to bed, and I went out to investigate the damage. You know, just to see if it was our building, or the whole complex. I had planned on going to the parking garage thinking it'd be the perfect vantage point to see the whole area. I was almost to the garage when I saw the red, yellow, orange, and blue lights. Fire trucks, police cars, construction workers, you name it. I went and joined the crowd by the fence. On the other side was a car, upside down, and a power pole, on the ground in pieces. There was all kinds of commotion. I immediately called W1 and told her to get dressed. I met her at the door and we walked back to the fence. There was a fireman on all fours by the window talking to the lady. It was crazy to see. After about 20 minutes a bunch of workers surrounded the car and pulled her out. She was put on a stretcher and taken away. It was a good hour before the car was flipped and we were informed it would be 3 more hours before the hole was dug, pole replaced, and power restored. Must have been waiting on a crew from Dallas?

I hung out for a while watching the craziness. People coming up the opposite side of the road, flying. Now given this is a dark, windy area of road, right at a curve. The people coming the opposite direction probably never saw what was going on until they got there. But it was funny to hear tires screech when they see the cops across the street and slam the brakes. And the people who stayed around with me (usually the drunk ones who stay behind) had all sorts of silliness to talk about. Politics, bad mouth the complex, war, the bitch who took out the power... When the cop was telling us we would be without power for a few hours people asked what happened. Basically a lady speeding hit a curb, flipped the car, and took out a power pole. So a lady asks very politely "Do you know what hospital she was taken to?", like she was ready to send flowers. Then follows up angrily "Because I wanna punch that bitch in the face for knocking my power out!" To which her old man, who was bald with a moustache like Snidely Whiplash, tells her "Don't bring bad karma with the negative talk baby."

The next morning the power was still out but I had my fond memories.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Stalker v1.5 said...

I <3 Snidely, well done love!

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Louisiana Rose said...

And you want to move?? Such excitement!


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