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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Okay, yeah. That last post was a little phony. But that's okay. It had to be done. Ha Ha. W1 sent me a video (Mac commercial) that describes my "Are you sure" post from earlier. Check it out here when you get a chance. They hit the nail on the head with this one.

So yesterday morning I'm heading to my truck. I glance over at my bike as I passed it. Then I glanced up at the sky. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, went inside and grabbed my helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, and bike key. It was just too gorgeous of a day to be in a "cage". And it was a great ride. Too and from work. And I even got to ride it to lunch. Bonus!

From what I hear (and have responded to via email) there's gonna be a Crawfish Boil on Lundi Gras. I can't wait. As I was quoted on "Taunt Society" as saying, "I am going to kill somebody if we don't have a crawfish boil soon." (In the "Land of the free" post). Looks like my voice has been heard. Ok, actually I think it was H2's voice, but I still get to reap the benefits. And that's what counts, right?

I ran out and picked up some cheap headphones today. I'm just tired of listening to my coworkers whine so I thought maybe some music would drown them out. And the cord was way too short on my old headphones. The new ones have a 16' cord. I don't think I'll have any problems with that.

Windows Vista came out this week. I've been testing it for a while at work. I have to admit, there are a few cute "bells and whistles" and there are also bad points (see video linked earlier in the post). I had to laugh though. Yesterday morning before work I went on weather.com to see if it was a riding day. They had an ad for Windows Vista on the main page. I decided to click on it and show W1 a few of the features. I clicked the walkthrough (or whatever the Hell it was) and can you guess what happened? Yep, you guessed it. It locked up my browser. The rest of the machine worked fine, but the browser was locked up. No closing with the big red X, no right click and close, no back, nothing. Now, if the "ad" showing off the features locked up the browser on my brand new "Vista Ready" laptop, do you think I'm gonna rush right out and buy a copy? I think not.

Talk about boring huh? Sorry folks, that's what I gots today! And I'm at work which pretty much equals boring. So, until next time...


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