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Monday, May 24, 2010

Witness protection?

We were working in the yard this weekend and I left the back door open. The cat tends to come outside on the patio but won't set foot on the grass. Once we thought about it, the cat has never set foot on grass. When I came back to the patio, she scurried back inside (as usual). I was waiting for Hannah when I noticed a bird fly into the tree right next to me. After a few seconds he jumped down to some lower branches and started squawking at me. I'm assuming he was guarding a nest, or scoping out a place to build one. When he jumped down on the fence to get closer to me, I actually started to get nervous. But I wasn't going to let a stupid bird intimidate me and scare me inside. And apparently I didn't have to. I guess the cat sensed I was nervous and bolted out onto the patio literally yelling at the bird, crouched down like it was about to be on. Needless to say, the bird split, and my cat gets lots of attention and petting.

I had an issue on my work computer that caused me to need to contact IT. I was nervous, because the last time I contacted them they screwed my system up majorly. As in, every time I go to a secure website at work, I have to input my email address and password. Which gets old after the 10th time you have to input it, before your first cup of coffee. One website has about 7 different java applets running on it. So guess how many times I have to put it in on that one website. You are correct.

Anyway, I contacted IT about an issue I was having and the guy logged onto my system. I went to the site to show him the issue I was having and after logging in (7 times) he asks "Do you always have to log in that many times?" and I said "Yep, it's at the point that I copy my email address the first time I type it so I can paste it onto the windows as they pop up." He decided the 2 issues may be related and decided to work on the password one first. After rebuilding my "trusted sites" and checking and unchecking a bunch of crap we tested it. Not only do I not have to log in to every site i visit, he also resolved the issue I called about. And it was all done in under an hour. (It took the last guy 3+ hours to screw it up.) The guy today (almost) restored my faith in our IT department. If he lived here I would definitely be buying him lunch.

So as crappy as my day went, and it did, I came home happy. Well, except for being pissed at the trash men. But that's a story for another time.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Hannah said...

Kitty came out all thugger!! haha

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...restoration is faster than screw-up? Who knew? I thought it was the other way around!...Auntie M


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