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Saturday, March 19, 2011


As you know I got a new ride. So what's next? Mods. Changing out tail lights for LED versions. Just making it different and original. Oh wait. Did I say my ride? Sorry. What I meant was Hannah's ride.

When Patti came to visit for her book signing I followed them to Jack in the Box. I noticed Hannah's center brake light, 3rd brake light, novelty brake light, or whatever they call it was burnt out. I remembered a chat I had with Dean where he mentioned they can't ticket you for it, but they can pull you over "as a courtesy" to let you know it's out. In my life I have discovered the less I've gotten pulled over, the better.

So as soon as I got home I went online searching for the bulb size. And after checking a few places I discovered it's pretty hard to find out that bulb size. I can find almost anything on the internet, but the bulb size for a stock brake light? No such luck.

After a while I ran across something way better than the bulb size. (I never did find it.) A website had an LED strip that fit right where the stock one went. She already has the LED brake lights so I thought it would be perfect. And guess what? It was.

Literally took 10 minutes to install. That includes installing it upside down originally.

Yes, I know the car is dirty.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

I bet you wish your wife were that dirty. Thank you love.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Patti (Book Addict) said...

Hey - you stole my line!!!

I love it - I think if I'm going to keep my car as long as I think I will I'd like to start tricking it out a little...

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, in Orlando they CAN ticket you for a burned out lite. My student got one on her way to clinical. She got it fixed the next day and the judge dropped it from over $260 to $140 something.
Warning, my a**!
....Auntie M

At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Louisiana, you are only required to have a brake light on the right and left side of your vehicle.......we still pull people over because they do not know any better.......hehehehe.......



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